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MAR 5, 2024

Access Super Supporter Rebate Promotion

by Andreas Nicolos, Access Protocol

A 50% ACS rebate for all super subscriptions made on Access Protocol
With the rollout of Super Subscriptions on Access, we are pleased to offer a 50% rebate on all Super Subscriptions created, up to 25 million in ACS across users.
By creating a super subscription, Access will refund you 50% of the ACS locked in said subscriptionn*
*Subject to terms and rebate rules defined at the end of this post
What are Super Subscriptions? 
Super Subscriptions are a new way to show loyalty to a creator while introducing a new token burn mechanism to Access! 
By becoming a super supporter you are burning ACS and in-turn subscribing to a creator forever. 
Creators will be able to provide additional incentives and rewards for their Super Suppoerters. 
Super Supporters will continue to receive rewards for the ACS they have ‘subscribed’ with in perpetuity.  
When you become a Super Supporter: 
❌You will not be able to withdraw your ACS
🔥Your ACS will be burned from total supply
✅You WILL receive daily rewards proportional to the amount of ACS you have locked
You can view a super supporter transaction below.
Why become a Super Supporter? 
Super Supporting is a mechanism to show your loyalty to a creator. If you know you enjoy their content and won’t be unsubscribing, you can elevate your subscription tier and commit to them for a lifetime of content, all while continuing to receive rewards! 
Content is the most prevalent thing on the internet, yet something we take for granted most. Show support and super subscribe today. 
The Super Supporter functionality is especially important in the context of onboarding web2 users to Access. 
One payment - a life time of Access 
This will be how we interact with web2 users via fiat onramps. 
How Do I Become a Super Supporter? 
  1. Go to 
  2. Select a creator you wish to subscribe to
  3. Select the ‘Super-Support’ subscription option 
  1. Select “lock forever” 
  2. Confirm you agree to the terms of a super subscription 
  3. Approve the transaction
Rebate Rules and conditions
  • To be eligible you must use the Super Supporter feature outlined above
  • The first 50m of ACS locked in this feature will be eligible for the 50% rebate (25m ACS in total)
  • Users who lock after the 50m ACS threshold will not be eligible for the rebate 
  • Rebate will be issued on the earlier of April 5th or 1 week after the 50m ACS threshold is met. 
  • Tokens will be distributed directly to your staking wallet
  • You are not allowed to request rebates to a different wallet 
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Great promotion!
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Great promotion!
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This is a very good way to show support. Committed creators will have motivation to invent and grow, supporters will harvest the benefits, now for Life!