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OCT 27, 2023

Announcing our $1.2m Seed Round

by Andreas Nicolos, Access Protocol

Investors include DV Ventures, CMS Holdings, Sora Ventures and DoublePeak and other angel investors.
We’re excited to announce our $1.2m seed funding. Investors include DV Ventures, CMS Holdings, Sora Ventures and DoublePeak and other angel investors. 
We’ll leverage these funds to continue to build out our Sketch and Scribe products which have seen great early traction. Additionally, we’ll be focusing on the launch of Access v2 which will be released late Q4, early Q1 2024. 
 Optimizing creator onboarding remains a major focus as we aim to scale platform creators from 50 to 200 in the coming year. 
To date, there are over 220,000 unique subscribers across the varying content offerings on Access Protocol. We plan to grow this to well over 1 million uniques through our efforts across products, protocol, and creators. 
Many thanks to our investors who put faith in our vision at Access. 
“Our investment into Access Protocol marks our continued focus into the web3 content space. We believe Access will pave the foundation for the future of content and will become one of the core infrastructure blocks in web3” said Galen Law-Kun, Founding Partner of Double Peak Group
DV Ventures, the venture arm of Chicago based DV Trading also participated in the round as one of the firms first investments in the Web3 space. “We’re excited to further our involvement in Web3 with our investment into Access. New monetization models are fundamental to the promise of the crypto industry, and Access stands to emerge at the forefront in the digital content space.”
"Sora has been focusing on the convergence of web3 and media since 2017. Access represents a unique opportunity to bring creators of all shapes and sizes into one ecosystem. We're excited to see more creators join and more products built to bring web2 media stack into web3" said Jason Fang, Managing Partner at Sora Ventures.
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last year
Congrats Ande
Crypto Safety First
last year
Congratulations Andreas and to the whole Access Team. Access Protocol is at the forefront of Web 3 content infrastructure 👍 Excited to experience how Access v2 and the expansion plans will shape the future of content in Web3
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Congratulations 👏👏👏