MAR 30, 2024

A step-by-step KINZA airdrop guide

by 81vm..Vahd, AmbiguousAce

A step-by-step guide on how to get positioned for KINZA airdrop.
It’s airdrop season and one of the easiest ways to earn on the space is through airdrops. 
Today we will be looking at a step-by-step guide on how to get positioned for the KINZA airdrop. 
Kinza is a groundbreaking security-first lending protocol that operates seamlessly on the Binance Smart Chain network. It is backed by Binance Labs.
One of the key aspects of Kinza's tokenomics is its allocation of 5% of tokens specifically for airdrops.
Additionally, Kinza offers an exciting opportunity for users to earn airdrops by contributing liquidity to the platform. By providing liquidity, participants not only help enhance the protocol's functionality but also become eligible for receiving airdropped tokens, thus incentivizing active engagement and liquidity provision within the ecosystem.
Early users who provide liquidity & borrow some assets can be recipients of the $KZA token.    
As the snapshot can happen unexpectedly, it's best to act quickly!
How to get positioned?
Supply Liquidity    
➜ Connect Your MetaMask Wallet  
➜ Click Dashboard page  
➜ Select  BNB
➜ Supply liquidity    
The larger the liquidity you supply, the higher chance you'll receive a larger airdrop of $KZA tokens
➜ You can also Borrow USDT 
➜ Swap USDT to BNB  
➜ Lend BNB  
➜ Borrow USDT   
 And repeat this circle to increase your volume. But watch the liquidation price.
Referral system   
➜ Go to the site and copy your personal link -   
➜ Each invited user will also receive +10% on the airdrop.
And that’s it! You’re good to go.
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