MAR 9, 2024

CARV protocol: how to get positioned for potential airdrop rewards.

by 81vm..Vahd, AmbiguousAce

A quick guide on how to get positioned for CARV airdrop.
One way to earn in Web3 and the blockchain space is through airdrops.
To position yourself for potential airdrop rewards in the Web3 and blockchain spaces, it's important to understand what airdrops are and how they work.
Airdrops are essentially a marketing tactic used by blockchain projects to distribute free tokens to holders of a particular token or early adopters. These tokens are often distributed as a way to incentivize participation in a project, reward early adopters, or generate interest and engagement within the community.
In this article, I'll be walking you through how to position yourself for potential rewards on Carv protocol.
CARV protocol is building a credential and data infrastructure focused on gaming, enabling gamers with data sovereignty and games with intelligence. It aims to empower users with data self-sovereignty and share value captured from the utility of data in a consent-based, privacy-preserving mechanism.
To get positioned:
1. Visit: 
2. Log in by connecting your Metamask wallet.
If you do not have a metamask wallet, you can add the wallet extension to Google Chrome and create a new wallet. 
Switch networks to OpBNB and fund your wallet with $5-$10 worth of OpBNB. You can buy from Binance or Bridge using the link below:
3. Mint your CARV ID 
It costs about about $0.6 OpBNB so your account needs to be funded with OpBNB.
You need a CARV ID to bind accounts.
4. Register .Play domain name 
You will also need OpBNB for this step.
5. Bind Accounts to be able to claim more $SOUL
$SOUL are distributed based on bound accounts' historic data, such as
wallet NFTs, Steam gaming hours, .Play Name Service characters, etc. SOUL will increase as you bind more valuable accounts.
6. Claim CARV everyday
Ronin is gasless, while other networks like OpBNB, ZKsync, and Linea require gas.
7. Take part in the $SOUL challenge to earn more $SOUL
And that is it! You’re good to go.
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