MAY 11, 2023


by Bourgeois, bourgeois

Yo, check it out, I got a story to tell, Bout two funny characters made of bubblegum gel 👻
Yo, check it out, I got a story to tell
'Bout two funny characters made of bubblegum gel
They were sticky and sweet, colorful too Everybody loved 'em, you would too if you knew
One was named Bubba, the other was Gum They were always together, never ever alone
They loved to rap, they loved to sing
Their rhymes were tight, they had a funky swing
They'd get the party started, make everyone laugh
People loved 'em so much, they'd even take a bath
But one day, disaster struck
Bubba and Gum got stuck in a truck
The heat was rising, their fate uncertain They thought their days were numbered, their future uncertain
But they didn't give up, they had a plan They used their bubblegum powers and expanded their span
They blew and blew, they didn't stop
They made a giant bubble and popped!
They were free, they were alive
Bubba and Gum, they had survived
They hugged each other, they shed a tear They knew that they were meant to be here
So if you see Bubba and Gum, give 'em a high-five
They're the funniest characters you'll ever find
They'll make you smile, they'll make you sing
Bubba and Gum, they're the bubblegum kings!
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