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JAN 5, 2024

2PointZero launch in UAE to incorporate crypto investment

by CoinNess Global

International Holding Company (IHC), based in the United Arab Emirates, has green-lit the launch of 2PointZero, a holding company encompassing a diverse array of companies, marking a significant stride into various industries, including the burgeoning crypto ecosystem.
IHC announced the launch of 2PointZero via a press release published to its website recently. The new holding company boasts a combination of entities with a cumulative asset value exceeding $27 billion, pending completion after securing all necessary regulatory approvals.
IHC is one of the Middle East and North Africa’s (MENA) largest conglomerate companies. Founded in 1998 in Abu Dhabi, it contains 422 subsidiary companies with eight of them listed on the Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange Market (ADX). Business interests span sectors such as real estate, healthcare, food and beverage, industrial, IT and communications and agriculture.
Tahnoon bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Chairman of IHC, expressed pride in announcing the formation of 2PointZero, positioning it as a next-generation holding company at the forefront of pioneering advancements across multiple sectors.
The new holding company will concern itself with sectors that include private equity and alternative investments, venture capital operations, asset management, micro financing and insurance. Digital and cryptocurrency ecosystems is another sector that 2PointZero will invest in.

Crypto mining interests

2PointZero Holding will incorporate entities such as Chimera Investments, Lunate, Beltone, International Resources Holding (IRH), and Sagasse Investments. Within Lunate, one of Abu Dhabi’s newest funds, lies Citadel Technologies. Citadel stands as a key player in the cryptocurrency mining sector, operating a state-of-the-art crypto mining facility in Abu Dhabi.
Specializing in Bitcoin mining, Citadel is committed to sustainable and efficient mining practices, benefiting from its strategic location in the UAE and leveraging the region’s advanced infrastructure.
In the fiscal year 2022, Citadel reported a revenue of AED 100 million with assets totaling AED 2.7 billion. IHC recently acquired a 10% stake in Phoenix Group, the manager of the “Citadel Project,” solidifying Citadel’s position as the largest crypto-mining facility in the Middle East.

Potential to expand crypto-related investments

Back in 2022, IHC had outlined its strategy to expand into new growth areas and to grow its digital assets portfolio. In December, an IHC subsidiary, Sirius International Holdings, formed a partnership with Indian infrastructure company Adani Group with a view towards developing AI, internet of things (IoT) and blockchain-based services and solutions.
This recent development is encouraging in terms of the potential for far greater crypto-centric investment, given the size of the UAE-based entity. The press release states:
”The 2PointZero portfolio, which is expected to surpass AED 100 billion in assets, reflects its commitment to excellence and strategic growth in the digital and crypto ecosystems, resource management, and beyond.”
Al Nahyan emphasized 2PointZero’s commitment to transformative global impact, particularly in areas such as technology, artificial intelligence (AI), financial services, investment banking and resource management. The vision extends beyond boundaries, with a mission to build sustainable ecosystems that empower communities, foster technological excellence and ensure financial resilience.
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