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JAN 19, 2024

B2Prime Group achieves initial VASP license approval in Dubai

by CoinNess Global

B2Prime Group, a leading liquidity provider, has achieved a significant milestone by securing “Initial Approval” from the Dubai Virtual Assets Regulatory Authority (VARA) for its B2B Prime Digital MENA division.
This development marks an important step for the company in its pursuit of a comprehensive Virtual Asset Service Provider (VASP) license. B2Prime is a Cyprus-based financial institution registered and supervised by CySEC, operating under the umbrella of broker technology provider B2Broker, with Artur Azizov and Evgenia Mikulyak as the founders.

Pre-operating conditions

The initial approval granted by VARA covers licenses for “Virtual Asset Exchange Services,” “Virtual Asset Broker Dealer Services” and “Virtual Asset Transfer and Settlement Services.” The path to complete licensing involves B2Prime Digital MENA fulfilling pre-operating conditions and obtaining operational approval before providing its services in Dubai.
Expressing gratitude, B2Prime’s founders acknowledged the rigorous regulatory framework set by VARA, emphasizing the company’s commitment to leading in the evolving virtual asset landscape. Arthur Azizov, Co-Founder of B2B Prime Digital MENA, expressed confidence in the company’s ecosystem, ensuring a safe and efficient gateway to virtual assets for users.
Adriana Paredes Herrera, CEO of B2B Prime Digital MENA, celebrated the eagerly awaited Initial Approval for all three licenses, particularly the Transfer and Settlement License, inspiring the team to channel their best efforts towards securing the Virtual Asset Service Provider license.

Licensed in Cyprus and Mauritius

The company aims to offer a robust, efficient and secure gateway to virtual assets, ensuring a transparent and compliant environment for its clients. In 2021, the firm acquired licensing in Cyprus for activities related to forex and contracts for differences (CFDs). Outside of Europe, the company extends its services internationally through B2Prime Mauritius.
Established in March 2022, VARA serves as the regulatory body for virtual assets in Dubai, with a mission to safeguard investors and establish international standards for the industry, fostering a secure and transparent environment for virtual asset transactions.
B2Broker, B2Prime’s parent company based in Moscow, boasts 11 offices across Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Holding seven licenses, including FCA and AEMI, the firm serves clients in over 50 countries. It provides forex liquidity distribution and various services to the forex, crypto and securities sectors. The group has built a portfolio of global financial services clients, expanding corporate representation and exposure worldwide.
Last year, B2Broker reduced the margin requirements for the institutional and retail broker clients on ten of its crypto CFDs. Multi-asset liquidity providers like B2Prime/B2Broker play an important role in the market.
Both centralized and decentralized crypto exchanges utilize these services to enhance liquidity pools and enable efficient trade execution. Through their services, order execution is completed with the minimum amount of slippage. B2Broker has been offering crypto-related services since 2017, offering over 100 crypto CFDs.
The company has also developed B2BinPay, an all-in-one crypto payment platform that enables businesses to send, receive and convert cryptocurrency. Another revenue stream for the business is provided through B2Trader, a matching engine for crypto exchanges.
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