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DEC 26, 2023

Bitget works towards goal of Bitcoin ecosystem support

by CoinNess Global

Bitget Wallet, a Web3 trading wallet offered by the Bitget Seychelles-based crypto derivatives platform, has unveiled a plan designed to bolster its support for and development within the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Enhancing user experience

In an effort to elevate user experience and expand trading options, Bitget Wallet is committing to extensive product research, development initiatives and increased investments. The company plans on offering a wide array of services tailored to the Bitcoin ecosystem.
This includes robust support for BTC asset management, cross-chain swaps, on-ramping for externally owned account (EOA)-based wallets, multi-party computation (MPC) wallets, Taproot compatibility and streamlined asset transfers for both BRC-20 tokens and NFTs. In October, Bitget announced that it was taking the route of enhanced security by embarking on integrating MPC.

Integrated dApp browser

The platform also provides users with insights into macro and micro market trends through Bitget Swap, enabling interaction with popular projects via its dApp browser.
Bitget Wallet’s move has already garnered support from several Bitcoin ecosystem projects, with integrations on official websites such as UnisatALEX Lab, LifeRestart and Bitmap Explorer. The integrated dApp browser ensures convenient user access to these projects, fostering increased engagement and accessibility.
Looking forward, Bitget Wallet aims to capitalize on the medium to long-term market prospects within the Bitcoin ecosystem. The company is directing its efforts towards enhancing both technological infrastructure and product features, with a specific focus on critical areas such as Lightning Network, Nostr, Taproot Assets, BRC-20 and ARC-20 inscriptions.

Facilitating cross-chain transactions

An important facet of Bitget Wallet’s approach involves supporting multiple address formats, particularly within the Lightning Network. By doing so, the platform aims to improve asset transfer efficiency and introduce asset swaps between the Bitcoin mainnet and the Lightning Network. This move is geared towards facilitating cross-chain transactions between BTC and Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) assets on Bitget Swap, providing users with increased opportunities for portfolio diversification.
Alvin Kan, the Chief Operating Officer of Bitget Wallet, underscored the significance of Bitcoin as the foundational cornerstone of the crypto industry. He emphasized the platform’s commitment to becoming a key player in the growing Bitcoin ecosystem, providing users with robust and seamless ways to manage and grow their assets.
Formerly known as BitKeep, Bitget Wallet stands as Asia’s largest all-in-one Web3 trading wallet, boasting a five-year legacy and over 12 million users worldwide. On a global basis, the non-custodial wallet recently ranked fourth overall in terms of the number of wallet downloads.
Bitget acquired the Singaporean startup wallet project in June. Its addition helped the broader Bitget platform to achieve the milestone of 20 million users. The product was rebranded as Bitget Wallet shortly afterwards.
The company is keen to support other blockchain networks and ecosystems also. Earlier this month, the company announced an investment into Morph, a layer-2 blockchain that uses zero knowledge roll-up technology in an effort to focus on enhanced consumer experience.
Last week, the platform added support for ZKFair, a zero knowledge layer-2 network which is based on the Polygon CDK.
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