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MAR 13, 2024

Bithumb launches point-based ‘Benefit Zone’ to attract more crypto investors

by CoinNess Global

South Korea’s one of the leading crypto exchanges, Bithumb, has launched a new service dubbed Benefit Zone. Here, users can participate in the platform’s promotional events and earn in-app points, local media outlet Digital Today reported. These rewarded points can be traded for crypto assets through an in-app point shop. The event missions are available either on its mobile app or on PC. 
One of these event missions involves participants predicting Bitcoin prices – BTC Up? Down? – where users can make a bet on whether Bitcoin’s price will rise or fall compared to its closing price of the previous day. The mission is available daily from 10:00 to 22:00 (KST). Winners of the bet are provided with a reward of 100 points and double that amount if they are newly signed-up users of the given month. If the Bitcoin price remains unchanged, all participants are rewarded points. 

More promotional events to come

Aside from the Benefit Zone, Bithumb is hosting another event targeting new members who joined the platform in March. Those who deposit funds in Korean won into Bithumb deposit accounts are eligible for Bithumb Cash worth around KRW 20,000, or approximately $15.
Bithumb’s Service General Manager Moon Seon-il stated that the exchange platform is conducting various promotional events to offer more perks and benefits to users, showing the company’s commitment to introducing more user-friendly services and events in the future. 
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