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FEB 23, 2024

Bithumb’s Burrito Wallet holds Partners Day 2024

by CoinNess Global

Rotonda, a subsidiary of crypto exchange Bithumb that operates Burrito Wallet, announced yesterday that it held “Partners Day 2024.” According to a report by local news outlet Etoday, the event was prepared to share the company’s business plan for this year and its partnership strategies and was attended by 50 stakeholders from 30 companies partnering with Burrito Wallet. The soon-to-be-released service, “Burrito Partners,” was also introduced in the venue. 
Following the official launch in February last year, Bithumb’s Burrito Wallet has been collaborating with Web2 and Web3 firms in blockchain service development and co-marketing. Burrito Wallet is dedicated to contributing to bridging Web2 and Web3 ecosystems through forging partnerships.

Soon-to-be-launched service, Burrito Partners 

Burrito Partners is Rotonda’s new service to help its partners with marketing efforts. It has been designed to enhance the workflow and boost the quantitative growth of its partners that struggle with a lack of workforce. 
Burrito Wallet will leverage Burrito Partners to provide services that can monitor user events, manage follower and marketing indexes, strengthen user community, provide airdrop solutions and secure transaction data, all of which are expected to maximize marketing performance.
“By making partnerships with various companies that share the same values with Bithumb’s Burrito Wallet, we have been able to actively expand the blockchain ecosystem,” said Shin Min-chul, CEO of Burrito Wallet. “We are also planning to roll out a rewarding service for users sometime during next month. Burrito Wallet is dedicated to developing a system where all partners can thrive,” he added. 
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