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DEC 26, 2023

Blockchain investment firm Hashed invests $28.4 million in 29 projects in 2023

by CoinNess Global

Hashed, a blockchain-focused investment firm with bases in Seoul and San Francisco, announced on Tuesday (KST) that it has invested a total of KRW 36.8 billion ($28.4 million) in 29 distinct projects over the course of this year, as reported by Korean news outlet Etoday.  

Infrastructure, gaming and finance

The Web3 investor has distributed its funds across various sectors, allocating 21% each to infrastructure, gaming and finance. Geographically, their investments were also diverse: South Korea has received 38% of the funds, North America 21% and Europe 7%. Other Asian countries, including Singapore, accounted for 34%.
Of the 29 investments Hashed undertook, 20 were new additions. The company participated in seed funding rounds for a variety of ventures: Radius, a shared sequencing layer; Decentralised Gaming Ventures, a builder of Web3 games; AnotherBall, the company behind the VTuber platform Izumo; and Delabs Games, a studio focused on Web3 gaming.
The remaining nine were follow-up investments. Among these projects were Archway, a Cosmos-based layer 1 blockchain; Payhere, a provider of mobile point-of-sale (POS) systems; and Dfns, an API-first key management solution.
Hashed Ventures, the company’s investment arm, oversees two funds: one with a capital of KRW 120 billion and the other with KRW 240 billion. Through these funds, Hashed has invested in a total of 86 portfolio companies. This year, some of their notable investments include public chain project Aptos, Web3 startup Story Protocol and decentralized exchange dYdX. It’s also noteworthy that 55% of the larger fund has been allocated to Korean companies.

Blockchain community and talent development

Hashed’s impact in the blockchain sector extends beyond just financial investments. The Web3 company has supported the organization of approximately 80 meet-ups, including university hackathons and academic blockchain conferences. A notable example of their initiatives is Korea Blockchain Week, co-hosted annually with Web3 ecosystem builder Factblock since 2018. This event has become one of Asia’s largest blockchain gatherings, drawing over 10,000 visitors.
In addition to these events, Hashed has been keen on nurturing talent in the blockchain space. Their Protocol Camp, a boot camp aimed at developing Web3 builders, has successfully produced 59 developers across five sessions.
Furthermore, Hashed Open Research, the firm’s research division, is actively involved in shaping the blockchain landscape. They engage in research, organize seminars, and publish findings, all with the goal of offering policy recommendations and advancing understanding in the field.
Hashed has reinforced its management system for portfolio companies, focusing on supporting early-stage startups. Their efforts include building a community dedicated to startup support, aiding in recruitment and business development strategies, providing data analysis services and engaging in promotional activities.
Reflecting on the past year, Simon Seojoon Kim, CEO of Hashed, acknowledged that 2023 posed challenges for startups. However, he pointed out that the relatively calm market conditions provided Hashed with opportunities to uncover a range of innovative ideas. These ideas, according to Kim, have the potential to make significant contributions to the development of blockchain infrastructure and its applications in real-world scenarios.
Looking forward, Kim expressed optimism about the growth prospects of their portfolio companies in the coming year. This optimism is partly based on the potential approval of spot bitcoin ETFs, which he believes could usher in robust participation from institutional investors. Additionally, Kim anticipates further growth driven by the expected launch of wallets by major global platforms, indicating a promising and dynamic future for the blockchain industry and Hashed’s investments.
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