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JAN 16, 2024

Blockchain research startup Four Pillars snags $527k investment

by CoinNess Global

South Korean blockchain research firm Four Pillars has secured KRW 700 million (approximately $527,000) in investment funds from Kakao Ventures, Hashed and Bass Investment, according to South Korean news site Coin Readers on Tuesday.

Empowering blockchain ventures

Led by a team of industry experts, Four Pillars is dedicated to supporting companies that aim to develop blockchain projects and successfully bring their business to the market. It conducts research based on its technological expertise and experience in blockchain collaborations, providing customized solutions based on each client’s circumstances. It aims to save time and money for companies looking to enter the blockchain market by providing comprehensive and relevant insights on cryptocurrency basics, the blockchain industry, regulations and market analyses, rather than simply listing information.

Rapid growth and strategic partnerships

Since its establishment last year, the research platform has attracted more than 30,000 visitors per month on average in just two months. The company has also signed an agreement with Japanese publishing agency Gentosha to publish a Japanese version of its content. Other partners include the layer 1 blockchain Sei Network, Web3 gaming platform Iskra, tech juggernaut LINE’s blockchain Finschia, and Korean telecommunications provider SKT's digital T Wallet. 
Before securing the recent investment, the Four Pillars team was recognized for collaborating with various developers on global blockchain projects and receiving a research sponsorship from the dYdX Foundation, a decentralized protocol operator known for being highly selective when offering sponsorships.
"The core members of Four Pillars, including CEO Kim Nam-woong, are among the few people in the Korean crypto scene who can bring unique insights to research," said Brian Jang, Director at Kakao Ventures. "Based on their unrivaled research capabilities, we expect them to grow rapidly while connecting domestic and international protocols and corporate needs to business outcomes."

Bridging markets, breaking barriers

As trends in the global blockchain market change at a rapid pace, the importance of high-quality, relevant research is amplified, even more so than in the era of Web2. However, information tends to be scattered across platforms, making it overwhelmingly difficult for companies to utilize it in their business endeavors. This is also one of the key reasons why overseas companies have a hard time navigating their entry into the Korean market with their limited knowledge of market trends or conditions. The same can be said for Korean companies who want to launch their businesses overseas.
By bridging Korean and overseas companies and projects, Four Pillars aims to resolve this widespread information asymmetry in the ever-growing blockchain industry and establish its foothold as a global research firm. This is reminiscent of Delphi Digital, a U.S.-based crypto research firm founded in 2018 that quickly expanded and established a global Web3 accelerator service called Delphi Labs. 
The Four Pillars team also aims to dedicate the investment funds towards accelerating its efforts in talent acquisition, product development and continued research. In the future, the company plans to boost diverse blockchain projects and contribute to the participation of various stakeholders in the blockchain ecosystem. 
"Our priority and goal is to create a developer-friendly environment by leveraging the high-quality research and products that we provide at Four Pillars," the firm’s CEO said. "We will lower the barriers to entry for blockchain and grow the entire Web3 market by making it more suitable for both users and developers."
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