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JAN 16, 2024

Blockchain security firm Verichains joins as newest Node Council Partner on WEMIX3.0

by CoinNess Global

Blockchain security audit firm Verichains has joined as one of WEMIX’s 40 WONDERS, or Node Council Partners (NCP), on the WEMIX3.0 blockchain, according to an official announcement on Tuesday (KST).

Empowering community governance

The 40 WONDERS make up a governance council that represents the interests of the WEMIX community by participating in on-chain voting processes for improving or changing WEMIX3.0’s protocol. They are also responsible for validating transactions and operating nodes on the mainnet to boost and maintain its integrity and security. Each member gets to choose their own WONDER number, and Verichains has joined as WONDER 12.

Securing the Web3 frontier

Verichains is a leading provider of blockchain security services, specializing in crypto analytics, security audits and application protection. Recognized for its participation in investigating and mitigating some of the most notorious hacks to date in Web3 history, such as the Ronin Bridge and BNB Chain Bridge hacks, the company merges groundbreaking research with practical security solutions to deliver comprehensive protection solutions catered to the blockchain industry.
Verichains’ world-class security and cryptography research team has successfully identified critical vulnerabilities across the industry capable of causing disruptions worth billions of dollars through key actions like uncovering flaws within Multi-Party Computation (MPC) and Zero-Knowledge Proofs (ZKP) mechanisms developed by major vendors. As a trusted security partner to leading Web3 companies and cryptocurrency exchanges like BNB Chain, Polygon Labs, Aptos, Klaytn, Bullish, DWF Labs and now WEMIX, Verichains leverages its background and expertise in traditional cybersecurity to be translated into the upcoming Web3 era, delivering cutting-edge solutions for a safer, more secure Web3 ecosystem.
The firm’s participation as an NCP is poised to boost the security and stability of the WEMIX platform, laying the necessary groundwork for fostering the expansion of the WEMIX ecosystem.

Ubisoft’s recent joining

Aside from Verichains, global gaming company Ubisoft also joined the council as WONDER 26. Ubisoft is known for world-renowned games like Assassins’ Creed, Just Dance, Far Cry and Watch Dogs, and has been developing a new game called Champions Tactics, built on the Oasys blockchain.
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