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DEC 15, 2023

Busan BDX Consortium named preferred bidder for Digital Asset Exchange

by CoinNess Global

In the latest development of Busan’s initiatives in the blockchain industry, the Busan BDX Consortium has been named the preferred bidder for the project aimed at setting up and operating the Busan Digital Asset Exchange (BDX).
The South Korean port city of Busan organized a bidding competition for the project, whose application deadline was Nov. 28. This competition saw participation from two companies. Following this, a project proposal evaluation committee was recently assembled to review the presentations of these bidders at the Busan International Finance Center (BIFC).
The selection of the Busan BDX Consortium as the preferred bidder was made after an evaluation process where 90% of the assessment criteria were qualitative and the remaining 10% were based on quantitative factors. The consortium is led by Itcen, a Seoul-based tech company that specializes in digital transformation.

Negotiations and future steps

Busan City will now promptly enter into negotiations with the consortium, with the goal of finalizing its decision before the end of this year. Following the selection, Busan intends to sign a business agreement with the chosen bidder in January to move forward with the project.
BDX is a platform designed to use blockchain technology for the digitization and trading of assets linked to Busan’s infrastructure in logistics, culture and finance. It is planned to be a fully private entity, a decision aimed at fostering freedom and creativity in its operations. Meanwhile, the city will offer administrative and financial support in accordance with its local ordinances.
Son Seong-eun, who leads the Finance and Start-up Policy Bureau of Busan City, remarked that the development of BDX is set to establish a solid foundation for the blockchain industry and enhance the region’s economic growth. Aiming to establish Busan as a leading global blockchain hub, the city is committed to providing ongoing support for the new digital exchange, Son added.

Blockchain to encourage volunteering

Besides the BDX project, Busan is also leading another blockchain initiative. Starting next year, the city will test a blockchain-based platform designed to manage and track volunteer experience points for its residents.
The platform being developed by Busan will facilitate the connection between individuals seeking volunteer assistance and those who participate in volunteer activities. Its goal is to foster a virtuous cycle that contributes positively to society, enhancing the efficiency and impact of volunteer efforts within the community.
Citizens will be able to accumulate points on the blockchain platform by participating in socially beneficial activities like distributing staple goods and contributing to carbon emission reduction. These points can then be redeemed for various benefits like attending concerts or accessing public parking lots. This endeavor to encourage volunteering is set for a full-scale launch in 2025.
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