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OCT 20, 2023

Busan Introduces Blockchain-Powered Cards for Multi-Children Families to Offer Social Benefits

by CoinNess Global

Busan Metropolitan City, home to South Korea’s largest port, announced on October 20 (local time) a revision in its criteria for “multi-children families” who enjoy social welfare benefits and the launch of new blockchain-powered cards for these families. The city will reduce the requisite number of children in these families from three to two to extend benefits and encourage a higher fertility rate. To qualify for these benefits, at least one child in the family must be under the age of 19.  

Blockchain integration

Starting October 31, eligible families can access these benefits through “family love cards,” which will be available on BPASS, a mobile identification card app developed with blockchain technology. Some of these family love cards will be issued in collaboration with credit card company Shinhan Card.

Diverse benefits

The benefits include discounts at public facilities, restaurants, cram schools (commonly referred to as hagwons), and daycare centers. Specifically, public parking lots and sports facilities will offer services at half the usual rate. Meanwhile, other establishments targeting adolescents and women will either waive their fees entirely or provide reductions.
On November 1, Busan will host the 16th annual Multi-Children Family Day ceremony at the City Hall’s international conference center. Having started this event in 2008, Busan stands out as the only metropolitan municipality to celebrate this occasion each year.

Efforts to boost fertility rate

This year’s ceremony will highlight Busan’s initiatives to enhance support for multi-child families. The event will honor outstanding families and a childbirth-friendly organization, as well as districts and counties that have been exceptional in implementing childbirth promotion policies. Additionally, the occasion will be marked by special commemorative performances.
Busan Mayor Park Heong-joon affirmed the city’s dedication to nurturing children alongside their families. He added that Busan will persistently refine and improve its childbirth policies to offer full support.
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