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JAN 23, 2024

Carrieverse teams up with KODA to provide investor protection

by CoinNess Global

Web3 company Carrieverse has partnered with Korea Digital Assets (KODA) to facilitate robust investor protection and safe and transparent trading of virtual assets, according to South Korean news site Money Today on Tuesday (KST).

Enhancing investor security

Recently, there have been cases where corporate entities have demonstrated unstable management of the virtual assets they hold, particularly where withdrawals and distribution are concerned. Many investors have subsequently suffered losses due to incidents such as hacking. This partnership was established to protect investors from such situations.
Carrieverse’s partnership with KODA is aimed at protecting investors from such troubles. The firm plans to safely store its cryptocurrency CVTX in KODA’s custody system, and vowed to boost transparency of transactions and clarify investor protection measures.
"Recently, the number of Carrieverse users has exceeded 30,000 per day, and we are seeing an increase in on-chain data and CVTX holders. Our partnership with KODA will provide an environment for transparent cryptocurrency trading and bolster investor protection,” Carrieverse said.

About KODA and Carrieverse

KODA is a virtual asset custody service provider jointly established by KB Bank, Web3 digital wallet developer Haechi Labs and blockchain investment firm Hashed. It is known for its one-stop digital asset custody services catered to corporate and institutional clients.
Carrieverse’s Web3 services include a metaverse, a blockchain gaming platform called Cling and the card strategy role-playing game (RPG) Superkola Tactics, which is playable on Cling.
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