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JAN 25, 2024

CertiK Skyfall research team inducted into Samsung Mobile Security Rewards Program Hall of Fame

by CoinNess Global

Global blockchain security ranking platform CertiK announced that its Skyfall research team has been inducted into the Samsung Mobile Security Rewards Program’s 2023 Hall of Fame, according to an article by South Korean news outlet Greenpost Korea on Thursday (KST).

Teamwork excellence

This Hall of Fame recognizes outstanding security researchers who have made significant contributions each year to the security of Samsung products. CertiK Skyfall’s spot in the ranking highlights the importance of collaborative efforts in solving complex cybersecurity challenges, the company said.

Securing the future

The team was responsible for actively identifying a total of seven vulnerabilities in the Samsung Blockchain Keystore – a software development kit (SDK) developed by Samsung to manage private keys – four of which were critical and three of which were high risk. The vulnerabilities left the SDK susceptible to local attacks, including arbitrary code execution and unauthorized access to sensitive data. In response, Samsung was able to quickly deploy security patches that added appropriate boundary checks and protection mechanisms.
Skyfall has formerly been acknowledged twice in Apple's release notes for discovering multiple vulnerabilities in new iOS and iPadOS software releases, the most recent being iOS 17 Security Update. Last June, the team was also awarded the Sui network’s highest bug bounty for discovering and fixing a critical vulnerability.
"We are extremely proud of the outstanding performance of the CertiK Skyfall team," said Kang Li, Chief Security Officer at CertiK. "It is a testament to the team's professionalism, integrity and deep impact at the forefront of cybersecurity."
CertiK is comprised of a team of seasoned experts from reputable universities including Yale and Columbia University and globally renowned companies like Google and Microsoft. The firm also operates from several offices around the world, including Seoul.
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