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JAN 25, 2024

ClayStack expands into Ethereum restaking ahead of token launch

by CoinNess Global

ClayStack, the crypto liquid staking platform, has made a strategic move into the Ethereum restaking arena through EigenLayer, providing users with reward points in anticipation of its upcoming token launch.

‘Redefining the staking landscape’

The Singaporean platform describes its mission as redefining “the staking landscape by helping users unlock the underlying value of their crypto assets, and we are doing this by building a decentralized cross-chain liquid staking protocol.”
In its efforts to deliver on that mission, it appears that the crypto startup is set to convert its Ethereum liquid staking token, csETH, into a liquid restaking token, leveraging the Ethereum restaking protocol offered by EigenLayer. Eigenlayer enables restaked sidechains, through which ETH restakers can participate in Ethereum-centric consensus protocols.

Reward points

In an announcement on Tuesday, ClayStack revealed its plan to offer reward points to users participating in Ethereum restaking, with a 1:1 ratio for redemption when the platform’s token is launched. Each clay point earned will be redeemable for one clay token during the token launch. Notably, the platform distinguishes itself by offering a 1:1 redemption system, setting it apart from other points programs.
Founder and CEO Mohak Agarwal explained how the project is adopting EigenLayer’s protocol for this new service. Agarwal had teased that the project had something new to offer in the pipeline when taking to social media last week, writing:
”We are entering into a new era where staking will become more dynamic, accessible, and rewarding for the entire DeFi community.”
Currently, ClayStack accepts native ETH for direct restaking on EigenLayer. Agarwal confirmed to The Block that other liquid staking tokens, such as Lido staked ether (stETH) and Rocket Pool ether (rETH), will be integrated into the platform in the coming days. He emphasized that these tokens will be directly deposited on EigenLayer, streamlining the restaking process.

Growing interest in restaking

Ethereum restaking has gained significant traction since EigenLayer’s launch in June of the previous year, with a total value locked (TVL) in smart contracts reaching approximately $1.7 billion. Renzo Protocol recently entered the Ethereum restaking space via EigenLayer, securing a $3.2 million seed funding round. Despite being in beta, Renzo has already achieved a TVL exceeding $116 million.
ClayStack’s TVL currently stands at around $2.25 million, having initially launched liquid staking for Polygon’s MATIC token in 2022. Following that, the platform introduced Ethereum liquid staking in September. However, the latest move marks a shift in focus towards Ethereum restaking due to challenges faced on the Polygon network.
Agarwal outlined the reward structure, stating that 20 clay points will be allocated per ETH per week, with rates subject to change every Monday but generally remaining constant throughout the week. There are no minimum or maximum points for individual users, although there is a weekly total cap for all users combined, which refreshes at the beginning of each week.
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