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MAR 28, 2024

Coinone updates its mobile app to provide better UX for crypto investors

by CoinNess Global

Coinone, one of the five fiat-to-crypto trading platforms in South Korea, unveiled an upgraded version of its mobile app charts for a better user experience. According to local news source Bizwatch, the update introduces an array of indicators at the bottom of the charts to facilitate more comprehensive analysis. Additionally, the app now includes three new chart features: a display of best orders, the capability to see price alert lines and access to a 90-day transaction history.
Since last year, Coinone has rolled out 20 updates aimed at enhancing the trading experience and bolstering security for its users. This year also saw several new features. Among these are the integration of TradingView charts and the addition of share buttons for announcements. Additionally, Coinone recently started providing the functionality to print statements for crypto accounts.

Hiring more developers

These enhancements are part of Coinone's continuous efforts to elevate customer satisfaction and refine its services. Despite the downturn that the cryptocurrency industry faced last year, Coinone took a noteworthy step by bringing on board 20 new developers this year. This move underscores Coinone's proactive stance in improving its platform and offerings amidst challenging market conditions.
Coinone's focus on meeting customer demands has led to a notable reduction in inquiries. Last year, the exchange reported that its efforts to enhance customer service resulted in a decrease of more than 45% in the number of customer inquiries. 

Compliance amid changing regulatory environment

Marking its 10th anniversary last month, Coinone has set its sights on emphasizing investor protection and regulatory compliance in anticipation of the upcoming implementation of the Virtual Asset User Protection Act, which is slated to take effect in July. 
Cha Myung-hun, the CEO of Coinone, commented on the recent updates, noting that the surge in public interest towards virtual asset investment has prompted the decade-old exchange to enhance its chart functionalities, specifically catering to novice investors.
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