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FEB 26, 2024

Com2uS Holdings’ XPLA partners with SOOHO.IO for easier DeFi access

by CoinNess Global

Korean mobile game company Com2uS Holdings’ blockchain mainnet XPLA has announced today that it entered a partnership with SOOHO.IO, a Seoul-based security services provider for smart contracts. This news was reported by the local online media iNews24. The partnership aims to enhance blockchain security and facilitate public access to decentralized finance (DeFi). 

XPLA’s further push into the Japanese market

Established by local security experts in 2018, SOOHO.IO is currently providing smart contract technologies to approximately 200 big companies and validation institutions. Furthermore, SOOHO.IO is a developer and operator of Tealswap, the sole decentralized exchange on the Oasy network that specializes in blockchain games. 
An insider from XPLA expressed excitement about this partnership, stating that the collaboration with SOOHO.IO will enable the game company to strengthen its position in the Japanese Web3 gaming market. 

Smart contract-powered security

XPLA, already closely partnered with Oasys, promises to provide financial solutions equipped with safe and convenient smart contract security to Web2 users by strengthening collaboration with SOOHO.IO. 
Paul Kim, the head of XPLA team, said this partnership will revolutionize the Web3 games and entertainment industry, with the company’s plans to introduce easy-to-access DeFi services and “GameFi,” a concept that combines game and finance. 
Park Ji-su, CEO of SOOHO.IO., expressed his excitement about partnering with the global mainnet XPLA, which he thinks will bring substantial synergy effects for both companies through the sharing of key technologies. 
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