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MAR 22, 2024

Com2uS Platform celebrates X-PLANET's first anniversary with NFT airdrop

by CoinNess Global

Com2uS Platform, a subsidiary of South Korean game publisher Com2uS Holdings, yesterday revealed its plan for a non-fungible token (NFT) airdrop. This event is part of a celebration marking the one-year anniversary of its rebranded NFT marketplace, known as X-PLANET.

Popular intellectual properties

The NFT marketplace underwent a rebranding in March of last year, aiming to improve its integration with Com2uS' XPLA blockchain mainnet. Named X-PLANET, the platform is envisioned as a new planet where users can "explore" and "play." By November 2023, it had become the top revenue-generating local NFT marketplace, thanks in part to popular intellectual properties like the B.O.P Universe and Choushinsei Flashman. The B.O.P Universe draws inspiration from Bung O Pang Tycoon, a mobile game centered around baking pastries, while Choushinsei Flashman is a 1980s Japanese TV series known for its live-action superheroes.

NFT airdrop event

To mark the first anniversary of its rebranding, X-PLANET is hosting an NFT airdrop event on its official website. The event kicked off on March 21 and will have another round on April 4, at 6 p.m. KST, when 365 "Lucky Star" NFTs will be made available on a first-come, first-served basis. Owners of NFTs bearing lucky numbers will have the chance to earn double points during a B.O.P Universe event, which continues until April 14. 
Additional benefits are in store for those purchasing NFTs for the first time and those visiting X-PLANET’s Discord channel. Moreover, participants who spread the word about the anniversary event and the B.O.P Universe contest on social media will be entered into a draw for a chance to win a coffee coupon.

NFT marketplace and blockchain ecosystem

Lee Luda, the Head of the Web3 Platform Business Division at Com2uS Platform, highlighted that the recent event was designed to show gratitude to X-PLANET users who have shown their support since the platform's rebranding. Lee further stated that as the NFT marketplace representing the XPLA ecosystem, X-PLANET is committed to evolving into a user-friendly platform. Their goal is to create an environment that not only adds value but also provides entertainment, making it a welcoming space where anyone can participate and enjoy.
Recognized for its straightforward user interface and efficient trading system, X-PLANET has been introducing a collection of valuable NFT works across various domains, including art, games and K-pop. The NFT marketplace is actively pursuing collaborations with talented artists and prominent organizations to bring meaningful NFT content to its users.
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