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JAN 5, 2024

Com2uS Platform receives ISMS-P certification for personal information security

by CoinNess Global

Com2uS Holdings subsidiary Com2uS Platform has acquired a certificate of Personal Information and Information Security Management System (ISMS-P), an official certificate distributed by the Korea Internet and Security Agency (KISA), for its blockchain-based game development platform Hive.

Streamlining game development

Hive allows developers to focus on content development by providing functions for game launch and operation in a single software development kit (SDK). It covers all systems needed to run a game, including billing, gameplay across multiple platforms, global login and verification, compliance, support, analytics, promotions, push notifications, community management and blockchain middleware. It is utilized in over 150 games and 41 corporate clients with some 100 million annual users.

Robust security measures

To receive the ISMS-P certification, companies are evaluated based on 101 different criteria, including organizational structure, management of employees and facilities, security of information processing systems and more areas related to handling personal information.
“Com2uS Platform and Hive have established and promoted world-class security policies,” said Choi Seok-won, CEO of Com2uS Platform. “We will continue to do our best to create an environment where users and customers worldwide can safely enjoy our content.”
Com2uS Platform also revealed that it runs an office dedicated to information protection, which manages data from Com2uS games and external clients. The company also strives to improve its technological capabilities for enhancing security and conducts annual company-wide training for all employees to raise security awareness.
Since 2017, Com2uS Platform has retained its ISMS certification — similar to the ISMS-P but without personal information security standards — to safeguard the information of its users and customers.
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