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FEB 19, 2024

Com2uS to sell Flashman NFTs on X-PLANET to raise funds for subway ad

by CoinNess Global

Com2uS Platform, a blockchain subsidiary of South Korean game company Com2uS Holdings, announced today that it will sell NFTs to fund subway advertisements celebrating the upcoming fan meeting of Choushinsei Flashman, a Japanese live-action superhero series produced by Toei Animation. This year marks the 35th anniversary of the show’s introduction to Korea.

Special event for South Korean fans

This “Cosmo Sword NFTs” campaign has been launched by Com2uS Platform, backed by local fans’ voluntary participation and their enthusiasm towards the series. It has a special meaning for the fandom as it is the first time that the stars of Choushinsei Flashman are visiting Korea. The entire proceeds will be used to put advertisements on subway stations. This promotion is expected to attract a lot of fans as they can take selfies against the advertisement display or put paper notes containing messages for Flashman actors on the board.

Fan meeting to take place in April

The Flashman fan meeting is planned to be held on April 20 at Sky Art Hall located in Gangseo-gu, Seoul. The event will feature seven actors and actresses from Flashman, including Tarumi Tota who starred as “Red Flash,” a main protagonist, and Hagiwara Sayoko who performed as the villain “Ray Nefel.” Participants will be able to enjoy on-site giveaway events and collective exhibitions.

Blockchain-enabled event tickets

Fan-meeting NFT tickets can be exclusively purchased from X-PLANET, an NFT marketplace. VIP seats have already been sold out. The NFT tickets utilize blockchain technology which allows only ticket buyers to enjoy the show. They are resistant to forgery or counterfeiting since every process from purchasing to admission is recorded onchain, keeping scalpers at bay.
Run by Com2uS Platform, X-PLANET strives to showcase various artworks in the realms of games and K-pop to NFT enthusiasts in the global Web3 market. The platform is committed to producing high-quality NFT content in collaboration with skillful artists and various organizations.
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