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FEB 29, 2024

DeSpread partners with Arbitrum to build ecosystem for Korean developers

by CoinNess Global

DeSpread, a Korea-based consulting firm specializing in Web3 and blockchain, announced today its partnership with Arbiturm, a Layer 2 network built on the Ethereum blockchain. This news was reported by local media outlet Etoday. Through the partnership, DeSpread aims to create an ecosystem for Arbitrum developers, seek collaboration with Korean enterprises and attract more onchain users. 
Arbitrum is one of the largest Layer-2 blockchains operating on the Layer-1 Ethereum network, designed to address the scalability issue of the ETH network. DefiLlama, a DeFi total value locked (TVL) aggregator, shows that Arbitrum has the fourth largest TVL among all chain networks, and the largest TVL among ETH-based Layer 2 networks.
To foster Arbitrum-based services, DeSpread plans to distribute research content and development guides to Korean developers in an effort to bring down the language and cultural barriers when working with Arbitrum. Regular events featuring Arbitrum experts are also in store, set to be held both online and in-person formats. These efforts are intended to help companies seeking to adopt blockchain technologies collaborate with Arbitrum.  

Forging an ecosystem within the Korean ETH community

Jeff Kim, Head of operation at DeSpread, expressed his excitement about the partnership with Arbitrum, saying that Arbitrum is the network showing the strongest performance among all Layer 2 solutions on the ETH network. He added that Despread plans to support Arbitrum so that it can create its ecosystem within the Korean Ethereum community and raise its brand awareness.
Nina Rong, Head of Ecosystem Development at Arbitrum, stated that Arbitrum has long been keeping an eye on Korea’s blockchain ecosystem. The partnership will help Arbitrum strengthen its position in the Korean market and shape a developer-friendly environment for individuals and businesses, she said.
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