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MAR 26, 2024

DigiFT launches RWA depository receipt tokens

by CoinNess Global

DigiFT, a Singapore-based regulated exchange for real-world assets (RWAs), has brought its latest product offering to the digital asset market by introducing its U.S. Treasury bill depository receipt (DR) tokens.
These tokens offer investors fractional ownership in U.S. Treasury bills, providing an avenue to engage with the traditionally secure U.S. debt market without requiring significant upfront capital, as detailed in a press release issued by the company on Monday.

Democratizing market access

The conventional route to investing in U.S. Treasury bills typically demands substantial financial resources. DigiFT's DR tokens aim to democratize access to this market by enabling investors to purchase fractional shares of these bills. Henry Zhang, the founder and CEO of DigiFT, highlighted the innovative nature of the DR structure, noting its capacity to address challenges within the current market and empower investors with direct ownership of assets and returns.
Zhang emphasized the company's intent to expand the scope of traditional financial assets in the Web3 space, leveraging the DR model to enhance investor protection and transparency.
The DigiFT U.S. Treasury Tokens (DRUST) represent the inaugural offering in a series under the DR structure. These DR tokens, a type of security token, offer fractional ownership of an underlying asset. In the case of DigiFT, these tokens are specifically backed by U.S. Treasury bills, providing investors with exposure to the secure US debt market.
Each DRUST token is directly backed by AA+ rated, highly liquid and short-term U.S. Treasury Bills, offering stability and tailor-made solutions for stablecoin issuers and Web3 product developers seeking regulatory-compliant treasury and cash management options.

Pursuing regulatory compliance

In its latest announcement DigiFT has outlined its intention to pursue regulatory compliance, a facet intended to instill confidence and assurance among investors. Having been established in 2021 and previously operating within the Monetary Authority of Singapore's (MAS) FinTech Regulatory Sandbox, DigiFT obtained a Capital Markets Services (CMS) license and was acknowledged as a Recognised Market Operator (RMO) in December 2023. By adhering to regulations, DigiFT aims to simplify the investment process and broaden accessibility for investors.
DigiFT highlights that institutional and accredited investors can access DRUST tokens from authorized self-custodial wallets using fiat currency or stablecoins, providing flexibility and convenience.

Growing popularity

The growing popularity of tokenized funds, particularly those tied to U.S. treasuries, is evident in recent reports. Moody’s revealed a surge in the value of tokenized funds, driven by the increasing tokenization of U.S. treasuries. Both public and private blockchains are witnessing the inclusion of various assets, reflecting a broader trend toward asset tokenization.
Tokenized funds offer numerous benefits, including enhanced liquidity, accessibility, reduced costs, fractionalization, decreased reliance on intermediaries, shortened settlement times, automated processes through smart contracts and improved transparency.
Last June, Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency firm Finblox provided details of a tokenized version of U.S. Treasury Bills it has been working on. In November, the Bureau of the Treasury in the Philippines announced the issuance of one-year tokenized bonds to the value of $179 million.
Binance Research has identified real-world asset tokenization as a key theme in crypto for 2024, noting its potential to improve transparency and efficiency by bringing off-chain assets onto blockchain networks.
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