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DEC 26, 2023

Dunamu releases content from Upbit D Conference for free on YouTube

by CoinNess Global

Blockchain and fintech company Dunamu has decided to release videos and presentations from the Upbit D Conference (UDC) 2023 — one of the biggest blockchain events in the country this year — for free on the official UDC YouTube channel, as stated in an official press release on Tuesday (KST). According to the company, it aims to support and revitalize the blockchain industry by making the content publicly available, although the offline event had an admission fee.

Expert insights

Now in its sixth year, UDC has evolved into a comprehensive conference covering not only technology, but policies, finance and culture as well. Touting the slogan “All That Blockchain,” this year’s event brought together 39 local and international experts to present an in-depth vision of the trajectory of the blockchain industry.
The conference featured a series of sessions led by key industry figures such as Matt Sorg, Head of Technology at the Solana Foundation; Roger Ver, founder of; and Oh Se-hyeon, Executive Vice President of SK Telecom, who spoke on various topics like AI, blockchain and Web3.

Active online participation

This year’s UDC was also the first to be held both on and offline in a hybrid format to expand access for a bigger audience. The offline event was held at the Grand Walkerhill Seoul hotel on Nov. 13 and was streamed via YouTube. It attracted a record number of online visitors, with more than 100,000 total views on the livestream and up to 10,000 viewers watching at once.
The online sessions featured guests like Laura Shi, Head of International Expansion at Consensys, who explained the convenience of using digital asset wallets for managing digital asset transactions. In addition, Pacman Blur, Core Contributor at Blur, touched on the future of NFTs and their role in Web3 ecosystems.
A summary of the conference’s events and discussions can be found in the UDC 2023 Report, which is available in both Korean, English and Chinese on the UDC website.
“We hope that content from UDC 2023 will bring knowledge and vision of blockchain to more people,” the company said.
UDC has become increasingly popular since its inception, with more than 23,100 attendees participating over the last six years. All of the videos from this year’s conference have racked up a cumulative view count of 1.28 million as of November.
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