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JAN 25, 2024

Eggverse and Weracle team up to bolster NFT gaming ecosystem

by CoinNess Global

South Korean NFT trading platform Eggverse has signed a strategic business agreement with blockchain gaming platform operator Weracle to target the global market for NFT-linked gaming and expand the ecosystem, according to local news site ZDNet on Thursday (KST). The two firms plan to sketch a business model and implement specific strategies to provide differentiated and more convenient gaming experiences for users by making trading NFTs faster and easier.

Collaborative expansion

"With our years of project experience with leading partners in each field and our in-house technology, we expect to create strong synergies in expanding the global gaming ecosystem of both companies," Eggverse said. "Through this collaboration, we will promote various types of Web3 games in new marketplaces. We expect it will yield the biggest progress among the events we plan to organize in the first half of 2024."

Popularizing digital assets

Based in Singapore, Weracle provides a variety of services, including swapping its own governance token, Weracle (WERAC), and Weracle Wallet, which allows users to store and manage game NFTs. Eggverse, on the other hand, is known for its Web3-compatible service that allows customers to mint and resell real-life items like hotel vouchers and artwork as NFTs – the first of its kind in South Korea. Last November, the platform signed a business deal with Asian blockchain hub SPLabs to venture into the Southeast Asian Web3 market.
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