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JAN 5, 2024

Ethereum Foundation targets Asian expansion with Bangkok set for Devcon 7

by CoinNess Global

The Ethereum Foundation is set to make a significant impact on the Southeast Asian Ethereum community as it announces Bangkok as the location for Devcon 7.  

Focusing on Southeast Asia

The Ethereum developer conference will be held in the Thai capital from Nov. 12 to 15. The decision signifies a broadened vision for the event, shifting from a city-focused approach to embracing the entire Southeast Asia region as the backdrop for this community gathering. To underscore the Foundation’s intent, it has renamed the event from Devcon 7 to “Devcon Southeast Asia.”
Expressing enthusiasm about the potential and rapid growth of the Ethereum community in Southeast Asia, the Ethereum Foundation sees the scheduling of Devcon 7 for 2024 as an opportunity to deeply engage with local communities, providing meaningful support and empowerment. This shift aims to make Devcon 7 a more inclusive and regionally focused event, aptly named “Devcon Southeast Asia” to highlight its broader reach and impact.
There has already been a positive reaction from crypto community members in the region in response to the choice of Bangkok for the conference. Navaporn Nalita, the founder of Crypto City Connext in Thailand wrote that “Bangkok’s collaborative ecosystem, welcomes Devcon 2024 with open arms (and open blockchains)! Thailand’s vibrant dev scene is primed to ignite alongside the world’s brightest minds.” In short order, community builders have been looking to make the most out of the opportunity.

Aligning with crypto growth potential

According to the blog post published by the Ethereum Foundation outlining the announcement, the choice of Bangkok as the host city aligns with the region’s crypto adoption growth. Countries like Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand have shown remarkable positions in the Global Crypto Adoption Index, underscoring the pivotal role of Southeast Asia in the global Ethereum landscape.
To support Ethereum events, grassroots communities and educational initiatives in Southeast Asia, the Ethereum Foundation (EF) initiated the Road to Devcon (RTD) Grants round on June 29. This grant round is specifically aimed at individuals in Southeast Asia actively building communities, developing educational activities, and contributing to the growth of the Ethereum ecosystem.
Encouraging smaller meet-ups over large events, the EF set the maximum grant at $1,000. The initiative aims to empower the Southeast Asian Ethereum community by providing support along the Road to Devcon.
In a recent Chainalysis research report, Vietnam has emerged as the leader in cryptocurrency adoption within Southeast Asia, claiming the top spot in the region and ranking third globally in the Global Crypto Adoption Index for 2023. This index considers transaction volumes, protocols, web traffic patterns and factors like population size and purchasing power.
The competition among Southeast Asian countries to establish themselves as crypto hubs is evident. Each nation adopts different regulatory approaches, with Singapore and Thailand implementing stricter measures.
There has been a steady stream of Ethereum developer-centric conferences in recent years. 2022 featured EthDenver, Avax Barcelona, Devconnect Amsterdam, Devcon Bogota and EthSF (San Francisco). EthDenver, EthCC Paris and Devconnect Istanbul followed in 2023.
As Devcon Southeast Asia approaches, the Ethereum Foundation anticipates fostering deeper connections and collaboration in this vibrant and evolving ecosystem.
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