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JAN 6, 2024

Etherscan expands through Solscan acquisition

by CoinNess Global

Expanding beyond the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) domain, Malaysia-headquartered Etherscan has officially acquired Solscan, a prominent block explorer within the Solana ecosystem.

Enhancing cross-chain analysis

The acquisition, announced earlier this week, signifies a noteworthy development within the blockchain industry and is poised to bring about a new interface aimed at enhancing cross-chain analysis.
Solscan, based in Singapore with its primary team in Vietnam, was previously majority-owned by TomoChain Lab, a Singaporean blockchain software developer. The deal’s terms were not disclosed and the acquisition places Solscan in the same league as Polygonscan within the family of Etherscan block explorers.

Diversifying product offering

Etherscan, established in 2015, stands as one of the earliest crypto projects, initially focusing on the EVM space. The platform offers an explorer-as-a-service product for blockchain explorers, with the acquisition of Solscan marking a significant step in diversifying its offerings.
Since its inception in 2021, Solscan has risen as a leading explorer in the Solana ecosystem, catering to over three million monthly users. Providing services such as detailed address, token, transaction information, APIs, dashboards and NFT metadata, Solscan mirrors Etherscan’s services but is tailored for the Solana network.
The merger between Etherscan and Solscan is anticipated to bring forth a series of enhancements and innovations, with both platforms benefiting from the integration of additional features. The roadmap for this collaboration outlines improvements in user interfaces, navigation and overall accessibility, promising an enriched user experience.
Solscan, in its announcement, assured its commitment to the Solana community, vowing to maintain unparalleled blockchain exploration services. The shared vision of Etherscan and Solscan revolves around providing what Etherscan termed “credibly neutral and equitable access to blockchain data,” underlining their commitment to transparency and fairness in the blockchain space.
Matthew Tan, CEO and founder of Etherscan, expressed excitement about the acquisition and highlighted the alignment of Solscan’s expertise in making blockchain data accessible and user-friendly with Etherscan’s mission. The acquisition is expected to contribute significantly to the broader blockchain ecosystem.
Solscan serves as a crucial player in the Solana ecosystem, an Ethereum alternative. The platform assists users in viewing information within the Solana blockchain, managing accounts, tracking transactions and exploring investment opportunities across various crypto platforms.

Solana resurgence

This deal comes at a time when Solana’s momentum is evident, ending 2023 on a strong note. In December 2023, NFT sales on the Solana network surpassed those on Ethereum for the first time. Solana has experienced substantial growth in comparison to Ethereum, both in terms of its token’s value and against the U.S. Dollar.
The fall of crypto exchange FTX had a large impact on Solana and its ecosystem as FTX had been heavily involved within that community and associated projects. The exchange still holds a sizable amount of locked SOL tokens. Following its collapse, the SOL unit price fell below $10. At the time of writing, it stands at $100.
The acquisition of Solscan by Etherscan underscores the resurgence of the Solana ecosystem, with major players in the Web3 space recognizing the value of Solana-based technology. As both platforms collaborate, users can anticipate a more robust and interconnected blockchain exploration experience.
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