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JAN 19, 2024

FactBlock sworn in as newest member of WEMIX’s 40 WONDERS

by CoinNess Global

FactBlock, a Seoul-based Web3 ecosystem builder and consulting firm, has become the newest member of the WEMIX3.0 blockchain’s 40 WONDERS, or Node Council Partners (NCP), according to an official announcement on Friday (KST). 

Shaping the WEMIX3.0 ecosystem

The 40 WONDERS make up a governance council that represents the interests of the WEMIX community by participating in on-chain voting processes for improving or changing WEMIX3.0’s protocol. They are also responsible for validating transactions and operating nodes on the mainnet to boost and maintain its integrity and security. In particular, each member gets to choose their own WONDER number – FactBlock has joined as WONDER 13, shortly after blockchain security audit firm Verichains joined as WONDER 12.
FactBlock was able to join by tapping into its resources from secured investments and committing to expanding the ever-growing WEMIX ecosystem and promoting community activity.

FactBlock’s industry-oriented mission

The firm is dedicated to ameliorating information asymmetry within the Web3 industry, serving as a gateway for overseas blockchain projects looking to enter the South Korean market and local firms preparing to go international. The firm’s upcoming projects for this year include the launch of Fablo, an educational platform for collective blockchain learning centered around community engagement. 
FactBlock has also hosted Korea Blockchain Week (KBW), the largest blockchain conference in the country and in Asia, since 2018. Last year’s event was held at the Shilla Hotel in Seoul in September, hosting a number of industry experts who discussed trends and outlooks for the Web3 industry.
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