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JAN 30, 2024

Fingerlabs teams up with OGN to create Web3 content

by CoinNess Global

Fingerlabs, a subsidiary under South Korean digital marketing firm FSN, has secured a strategic partnership with the OGN gaming television channel to work on a blockchain-based content and IP project by utilizing its Web3 content distribution hub Xclusive, according to local news site Digital Times on Tuesday (KST).

From Starcraft to the metaverse

Since its inception as Ongamenet in 2000, OGN has grown significantly by broadcasting Starcraft matches, thus popularizing esports and leading the global standard for esports broadcasting. After being acquired by global league stats website OP.GG in 2022, OGN has been expanding its range of content to include other, more innovative games and technologies such as VR, XR, and the metaverse. It also recently launched a live channel and VOD service on the popular Korean OTT service Wavve.
Through this partnership, the two companies plan to produce and distribute Web3 content through Xclusive by leveraging various IPs owned by OGN. The South Korean market has already been a hotbed of esports since the early 2000s when Starcraft’s popularity skyrocketed. More recently, the country’s interest and reputation in esports has grown exponentially when it hosted the League of Legends World Championship last year. Subsequently, expectations are building for Web3 content based on OGN's IPs.

Xclusive’s journey

Since it transitioned from a traditional NFT marketplace to a Web3 content distribution platform, Xclusive has teamed up with various projects. This includes the upcoming BTS Universe-based drama "Begins Youth," as well as the popular South Korean singing competition Miss Trot Season 3. This, coupled with the OGN collaboration, is expected to pave the way for Xclusive to expand beyond entertainment-related content and into the gaming industry.
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