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OCT 24, 2023

Global Blockchain Incheon Conference to Promote Web3 Exchange and Advancement

by CoinNess Global

The city of Incheon is set to host the Global Blockchain Incheon Conference (GBIC 2023) this year from October 30 to 31 under the theme “The Age of Discovery: Voyage to the New World of Blockchain.” The conference aims to provide a space for the exchange of Web3 technologies that are becoming a part of daily life and facilitating communication between businesses, all in the pursuit of establishing Incheon as a global blockchain hub.
The city intends to reveal its master plan to achieve this pursuit, consisting of five major strategy points: citizen participation, sustainable growth, advanced innovation, development of a business-friendly environment, and global technological leadership.

Exploring the rich tapestry of GBIC 2023

The event will include an opening ceremony, keynote speeches, seminars, and additional activities such as hackathon competitions, photo exhibitions of cutting-edge technologies, and interactive zones. Keynote speakers include Marouen Zelleg, Head of Business Development at Polygon Labs’ Asia-Pacific region; Patrick Yoon, General Manager Korea at; Shun Ishikawa, COO at Astar Foundation; and Christopher Lai, Director of the Hong Kong Trade Development Council’s Korea branch.
There will be sessions centered around various themes such as stepping into the future of blockchain, improving safety for the citizens of Incheon, delivering tangible innovation, integrating blockchain into daily life, venturing beyond regulations into new possibilities, disseminating technology, and innovating industrial ecosystems.
In particular, the conference will also hold a demo day, where companies can showcase demos for their products and services to attract potential investors.

Diverse experiences for visitors

Attendees will have the unique opportunity to see how blockchain technology is integrated into daily life by receiving non-fungible tokens (NFTs) minted with Incheon’s mascots — Deungdaeri, Bumi, Kkomi, and Aini — and participating in blockchain-powered games. Other NFTs, such as those issued by Shinhan Bank with records of information like confirmation of entry and coupon usage, will also be available.
GBIC is also holding other online and offline activities for visitors to participate in, such as quizzes, social media events, and souvenir distributions.
“We will demonstrate how digital technology is integrated into daily life through blockchain in the Web3 era that we are living in,” said Son Hye-yeong, Head of the city’s Data Industry Division. “We encourage everyone’s interest and participation in the blockchain presentations and forums led by global leaders.”
GBIC will take place at Songdo Convensia in Incheon, an international conference complex located in Songdo International Business District.
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