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JAN 26, 2024

HashKey Capital and FTSE Russell introduce crypto index suite

by CoinNess Global

HashKey Capital, a Singapore-based crypto fund manager, and FTSE Russell, a subsidiary of the London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG), have collaboratively launched a series of indices designed to track cryptocurrencies.

Three indices

Revealed on the FTSE Russell website on Wednesday, these three indices provide traders with the ability to monitor diversified baskets of digital assets aligned with various investment strategies. They cater to nuanced preferences across different crypto segments and market capitalizations.
The flagship index in this suite is the FTSE Custom Digital Asset Top 20 Index, tracking the top 20 crypto assets based on market capitalization. This index is positioned to accurately reflect more than 90% of the overall performance of the digital asset market, offering investors insights into the dynamics of the most significant players in the crypto space.

Focus on infrastructure and application layer

Beyond tracking market capitalization leaders, the suite includes indices with a specific focus on the crypto ecosystem’s infrastructure layer (FTSE Custom Digital Asset Infrastructure Index) and application functionalities (FTSE Custom Digital Asset Application Index).
One of them, the infrastructure index, zeroes in on digital assets forming the infrastructure layer, including smart contract platforms, protocol interoperability and distributed computation and storage. Meanwhile, the FTSE Custom Digital Asset Application Index concentrates on digital assets associated with application functionalities, such as those linked to staking instruments and decentralized finance.
From Wednesday, these indices have been made accessible on the FTSE Russell website, with plans for future availability through major data providers like Bloomberg, Factset, LSEG Data & Analytics, Morningstar and S&P Capital IQ.

U.S. ETF approval

The introduction of these indices follows the recent milestone approval by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) of spot bitcoin ETFs in the United States. It’s likely that the milestone ETF approval in the largest capital market is having a knock-on effect, proving to be a catalyst for other such offerings implicating the intertwining of crypto and traditional finance on an international basis.
These products offer investors a more accessible entry point into the crypto market’s largest asset, currently boasting a market capitalization of approximately $780 billion. Industry watchers anticipate the potential approval of a U.S. spot ether ETF later in 2024, with the SEC expected to make rulings on proposed funds by May.
Deng Chao, managing director of HashKey Capital, noted a significant surge in demand from investors seeking to diversify their portfolios beyond established cryptocurrencies. This move aligns with broader market trends, as investors increasingly explore opportunities in diverse crypto assets.
Notably, these index launches follow FTSE Russell’s partnership with Grayscale Investments in October, aimed at enhancing crypto diversification. The earlier collaboration focused on various crypto sectors, including currencies, smart contract platforms, financials, consumer and culture and utilities and services.
This development comes on the heels of HashKey Group, the Hong Kong-headquartered parent company of HashKey Capital, securing $100 million in a Series A funding round at a $1.2 billion valuation. OKX Ventures participated in the funding round, signaling strong support for HashKey Group’s plans to accelerate product diversification in its Hong Kong business and drive compliant and innovative development globally.
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