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FEB 8, 2024

‘Heroes of Mavia’ token airdrop follows entry into crypto gaming sphere

by CoinNess Global

The blockchain gaming realm witnessed another milestone moment as “Heroes of Mavia,” the mobile gaming sensation backed by Vietnam-based Skrice Studios, set the stage for a token airdrop on Tuesday, according to an announcement by the studio.

Top free mobile game on Android

Just days since its launch on both Apple and Android platforms, “Heroes of Mavia” has surged past the milestone of 1 million downloads, with an impressive 230,000 daily active users already immersed in its captivating world. Garnering acclaim as the top free mobile game on Android devices in China and dominating the Google Play store charts in Nigeria, the game’s ascent continues with high rankings in Poland, Finland and Canada on Apple’s App Store, according to Skrice Studios.
While the quest to propel blockchain gaming into the mainstream remains a formidable challenge, “Heroes of Mavia” is already carving a path to success. Joining the ranks of ambitious gaming ventures vying for mainstream acclaim, including “Star Atlas,” “Illuvium” and “Shrapnel,” its promising trajectory is marked by its early triumphs.

100,000 benefit from airdrop

A grand total of 100,000 players have earned eligibility for today’s token airdrop of the MAVIA token, with a generous allocation of up to 6,250,000 tokens available for claim, representing 2.5% of the total token supply of 250 million.
With a valuation soaring to $100 million, Skrice Studios stands as a testament to its remarkable growth since its last funding round two years ago, which saw an infusion of $2.5 million led by Capital. The studio’s ascent was further fueled by a $5.5 million seed round in 2021 spearheaded by Binance Labs. In total, Skrice Studios has amassed $9 million in funding, as disclosed in its latest statement.
The studio’s enduring appeal has attracted notable venture capital firms keen on blockchain gaming, evidenced by its seed round in January 2022. Led by Binance Labs, that round also saw participation from esteemed investors such as Genblock Capital, Delphi Digital, Mechanism Capital, Alameda Research and Animoca Brands, among others.
In a strategic move to ensure the sustainability and vitality of its in-game economy, “Heroes of Mavia” officially enlisted in Machinations’ Game Economy Health Monitoring Service. The Machinations platform can be harnessed to design and predict game economies and systems for play-to-earn blockchain games.
Drawing parallels to the iconic Clash of Clans, “Heroes of Mavia,” captivates players with its strategic depth, emphasizing base building, resource management and immersive tactical combat.
The highly anticipated “Heroes of Mavia” token commenced trading at 7 a.m. ET on Tuesday on major exchanges such as Bybit, KuCoin and HTX, debuting with a unit price of $1.83. As of the latest update, the token is trading at $3.62, signaling a promising start to its trading journey.
Blockchain gaming emerged through projects such as Axie Infinity, developed by Vietnam’s Sky Mavis. Engaging gameplay didn’t factor in the first play-to-earn iteration. However, through projects like Heroes of Mavia, 2024 could prove to be very different.
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