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JAN 23, 2024

HTX bounces back following DDoS attack

by CoinNess Global

Well-known crypto exchange HTX and its decentralized autonomous organization (HTX DAO) have restored services following a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack.
The attack, which occurred late last week, briefly disrupted operations. However, HTX swiftly addressed the issue, highlighting the robust security protocols in place. The Seychelles-incorporated exchange confirmed the outage on social media last Friday, only to post an update shortly afterwards to confirm that service had been restored.

‘Funds are SAFU!’

Key industry figure and HTX advisor Justin Sun also took to social media to announce the recovery and express gratitude to the user community for their support. He reassured users that all funds remained secure, underscoring the exchange’s dedication to safeguarding user assets. Sun borrowed a phrase first coined by Binance founder Changpeng Zhou (CZ), stating:
”All funds are SAFU!”

Latest in a string of incidents

This DDoS attack adds to a series of challenges faced by HTX. In September, the same month in which the company rebranded from Huobi to HTX, hackers exploited the exchange, resulting in a loss of approximately 4,999 ether (ETH) valued at $7.9 million. In November, two Sun-linked protocols, HTX and Heco Bridge, experienced a combined $100 million hack. Despite these incidents, prompt measures, including statements from Justin Sun, ensured the protection of user assets.
Having originated in 2013, HTX has evolved into a comprehensive blockchain ecosystem, encompassing digital asset trading, financial derivatives, wallets and various other blockchain-related services. The firm maintains offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo and the United States. Its South Korean branch is set to close its operations on Jan. 29. Since 2018 the business has been a publicly listed company on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEX).


Only hours before experiencing this DDoS attack, the firm had launched HTX DAO. The DAO allows users to actively participate in the exchange’s operations. Users can contribute to decision-making processes through voting, engaging in community discussions and selecting representatives.
The DAO’s whitepaper outlines that governance will be conducted through the use of HTX tokens. The HTX DAO website alludes to various privileges that HTX token holders can benefit from on both the DAO and the HTX exchange. However, it remains unclear as to the specific nature of these privileges as yet.
In a bid to strengthen its security infrastructure, HTX DAO recently underwent a comprehensive security audit conducted by ChainSecurity.
This integration of the exchange business into the HTX DAO ecosystem reflects a broader trend within the cryptocurrency sector towards decentralization. In a long post on the X social media platform on Thursday, Justin Sun suggested that through HTX DAO, the HTX exchange would become “The People’s Exchange.” Sun added:
”HTX currency holders should eventually become the owners of the platform.”
Despite the high hopes and aspirations, Sun continues to have his perennial detractors. Travis Kling, founder of Ikigai Asset Management, posted on X on the very same day, stating:
”We may be getting close to showtime here. We need [Justin Sun] gone. He’s a cancer.”
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