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MAR 8, 2024

Korea Exchange to conduct CBDC pilot test in H2

by CoinNess Global

Amid the heightened excitement about the potential incorporation of virtual assets into the traditional financial system, the Korea Exchange (KRX), the country’s only securities exchange operator, plans to run a pilot test on central bank digital currency (CBDC) transactions using distributed ledger technology (DLT). The pilot test is scheduled in the second half of this year, as part of KRX’s effort to respond to rapidly evolving financial technologies, Yonhap Infomax reported
The KRX is targeting the carbon trading market for this pilot test, aiming to develop a DLT-driven carbon trading system. The objective of this initiative is to check the feasibility of applying the Delivery versus Payment (DVP) to carbon credit trading facilitated by dedicated tokens. The project will be undertaken in cooperation with the Bank of Korea (BOK), with whom the KRX signed a memorandum of understanding last year to forge digital financial infrastructure. Additionally, the exchange is planning to create a cloud-based settlement and payment system for brokerage and non-brokerage firms.
LG CNS, an integrated security system provider, and Koscom, a financial IT company, will supervise the CBDC pilot program. They are tasked with conducting a comprehensive assessment of the entire process, from developing the decentralized ledger payment system to assuring its quality. 

Broad application of DLT

A DLT system records all transactions on a peer-to-peer network and verifies them through every participant. This eliminates the need for a central authority, thereby increasing its reliability and transparency. Currently, the DLT is of particular interest to many financial institutions worldwide, including the SIX Swiss Exchange. These financial institutions are actively experimenting with CBDC to improve the security and efficiency of their DVP settlements. 
In particular, the carbon credit market is experiencing a significant integration with the DLT. A KRX official said that the exchange plans to test the maturity of DLT systems and the interoperability between the BOK’s network and those of other organizations. This will evaluate DLT’s effectiveness within the carbon credit market. The person added that this pilot test aims to establish technological standards regarding the CBDC payment and blockchain network registration, which will provide a critical reference for future technical experiments in the industry. 
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