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APR 1, 2024

Korean tech firms distance themselves from label 'blockchain' in rebranding efforts

by CoinNess Global

As is the case in the rest of the world, South Korea is also experiencing a bullish cryptocurrency market these days. However, local blockchain companies that started their business between 2017 and 2018 – those considered the first-generation blockchain firms – are trying to distance themselves from the label “blockchain,” removing words such as “block,” “chain” or “coin” from their names to rebrand themselves. 
This is largely due to local regulations that stifle blockchain businesses and widespread negative perspectives towards the crypto industry among the public, the local media outlet News1 reported

MediBloc rebrands itself to WeavrCare: The two-track strategy 

Among the first-generation blockchain firms that changed its name is MediBloc. Founded in April 2017 as a blockchain-based digital health company, MediBloc rebranded its Korean branch last month to WeavrCare, combining the words "weave" and "care" to highlight its commitment to connecting patients and hospitals onchain. 
WeavrCare offers a blockchain healthcare data platform named Panacea, where patients can directly manage their own medical data. It also provides a blockchain-based medical data and insurance claim platform Medipass. MediBloc's native token MED is currently listed on prominent local crypto exchanges such as Upbit and Bithumb. 
The company is known to have well weathered the crypto winter between 2022 and 2023 by pitching a cloud electronic medical record (EMR) solution, Dr. Palette, which enables medical staff to easily check medical charts and manage patients' data. 
Following its rebranding, WeavrCare has demonstrated its intention to pursue a two-track strategy, with the company’s Gibraltar branch focusing on blockchain business under the original corporate name MediBloc. In contrast, WeavrCare in Korea will focus on expanding new businesses including Dr. Palette. 
Meanwhile, WeavrCare has reportedly embarked on investor relations (IR) activities to secure a Series B investment. 

Chain Partners rebrands itself to AI3: Merging Web3 with AI

Chain Partners, a blockchain firm focused on crypto exchanges and the over-the-counter (OTC) markets, has also recently rebranded itself to AI3, a new name that the company expects will illustrate its aim of focusing more on AI businesses. The name reflects the company's dedication to exploring both Web3 and generative AI technology. 
Following its rebranding, AI3 has embarked on developing an AI service equipped with a prompt response system. AI3 had already launched a personal AI assistant dubbed Wrks last year, which aims to improve workflows. A company official said AI3 is currently preparing for IR to qualify for a Series A investment. 

CPLABS and Parameta: Earlier pioneers of blockchain 

Meanwhile, other blockchain firms that launched their businesses earlier than the above two companies have already completed their rebranding last year. CoinPlug changed its name to CPLABS, and Iconloop to Parameta. 
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