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JAN 4, 2024

KuCoin invests in cross-chain inscription protocol

by CoinNess Global

KuCoin, the Seychelles-based cryptocurrency exchange, has revealed a strategic move in its investment and incubation initiatives through the KuCoin Labs program. In a press release which was published on Tuesday, KuCoin announced its investment in ISSP, a project focused on developing an inscription protocol on the layer one Sui network, renowned for its throughput and scalability.

First cross-chain inscription protocol

ISSP introduces the first cross-chain inscription protocol system, seamlessly integrating an inscription marketplace and inscription swap. The project is in its early stages. Last week ISSP took to social media to announce its inscription-related product launch. It stated:”We are launching the first multi-chain interoperability system for inscription protocols, focused on the BTC ecosystem to enable interoperability between BTC's inscription protocols and other chains.”
With the launch, it’s introducing the Sui network’s first inscription protocol under the SUI-20 standard.
Leveraging the unique Objects model of the Sui network, ISSP aims to naturally enhance inscription systems. Having already launched the SUI-20 inscription standard protocol on the Sui network, it is utilizing the built-in indexer of the network node to index inscription data.

Seamless CEX inscription integration

To ensure optimal performance and stability of inscription data, ISSP utilizes the indexer integrated into the Sui Chain node. Notably, ISSP facilitates the integration of inscriptions with centralized exchanges (CEX), eliminating the need for additional development to interface with inscription protocols.
While the exact financial details of the investment remain undisclosed, ISSP plans to utilize the funds to expand its operations and further its development efforts.
ISSP recently achieved a significant milestone by completing its Free Mint process, attracting 13,947 addresses and 2,002,186 transactions (TXs). The surge in user activity led to the Sui Chain's transactions per second (TPS) exceeding 1,000 for the first time.

Sui-related investments

This marks KuCoin Ventures' continued interest in projects related to the Sui network. Last year, the exchange participated in a funding round for Cetus, a decentralized exchange (DEX) and concentrated liquidity protocol built on the Sui and Aptos blockchains. Alongside KuCoin Ventures, prominent investors such as Comma3 Ventures, AC Capital, Adaverse, Animoca Brands, Coin98 Ventures, IDG Capital, Leland Ventures, NGC Ventures and OKX supported Cetus.
In April, the KuCoin crypto exchange actively promoted the SUI token as part of its Spotlight Token Program. The Sui Network seeks to distinguish itself as the first Layer 1 blockchain designed to cater to creators and developers targeting the next billion users in Web3. It provides horizontal scalability for diverse dApp development. Claiming to be a step-function advancement in blockchain technology, Sui prioritizes high throughput, instant settlement speeds, rich on-chain assets and user-friendly Web3 experiences.
KuCoin's investment in ISSP underscores its commitment to supporting innovative projects on the Sui network, reinforcing the exchange's role in shaping the future of blockchain development. Similarly, the ISSP's product development demonstrates that following a big year for inscriptions in 2023, further progress is likely to unfold in 2024.
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