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JAN 29, 2024

Label Foundation to launch Web3 music streaming platform on LG Smart TVs

by CoinNess Global

The Label Foundation is working with global electronics conglomerate LG Electronics to rollout its Web3 music streaming service, Tracks, on LG Smart TVs, according to an article by Bitcoinist on Monday (KST). The platform’s TV app will be available for free on the latest LG Smart TV models that support webOS22 and 23.

Reinvented music streaming

Tracks is a music streaming service that allows users to enjoy free high-quality music and artistic visuals through their TVs. The platform leverages Web3 technology to offer a variety of rewards based on the amount of time spent listening. In particular, the Label Foundation aims to make Tracks easily accessible to Web2 users around the world to serve as a bridge between Web2 and Web3.
“With the upcoming launch, numerous TV owners will be able to enjoy music for free, which resonates deeply with Label’s ethos, championing universal music accessibility without financial boundaries. We are happy that our collaboration with LG Electronics made this a reality,” Label Foundation said.

Rapid rise

Since its launch in July, Tracks has gained substantial popularity among younger generations, with its mobile app amassing over 150,000 users worldwide and more than 10,000 daily active users. The Label Foundation attributes this success in user acquisition to its user-centered approach, as opposed to the content provider-centered approach of traditional music streaming services. 
As part of its monetization efforts, Tracks will also integrate a free advertising supported streaming television (FAST) service in the near future, which will allow users to access content like television programming and films without subscription fees.
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