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FEB 8, 2024

Layer 2 startup LightLink gets $4.5M backing

by CoinNess Global

LightLink, the Singapore-based Layer 2 startup, has recently clinched $4.5 million in seed funding, spearheaded primarily by Asian investors. A strategic alliance has also been forged between LightLink and Animoca Brands, a trailblazer in digital property rights within the open metaverse and gaming sectors.

Thai-led funding

T&B Media Global, a prominent Thai media entity, and MQDC, a Bangkok-headquartered real estate developer, led the funding round, which amounted to $4.5 million. In addition to T&B Media Global and MQDC, the seed round saw participation from more notable investors within the Asia Pacific (APAC) and Oceania regions, such as digital asset-focused Australian investment manager JellyC, Aweh Ventures, Singapore’s Blue7 and Australian Web3 venture capital fund B3V.
While the capital funding is early stage and lower end from a dollar amount perspective, the broad spectrum of investors underscores a certain level of excitement surrounding LightLink’s innovative product offering. The startup’s product offering enables enterprises and decentralized applications to conduct gasless, real-time user transactions within the Ethereum ecosystem through the use of optimistic rollups within LightLink’s established architecture.
The infusion of funds will be used to bolster LightLink’s efforts to further develop a groundbreaking “multiverse project” dubbed Translucia, a venture that attempts to seamlessly merge virtual and physical realms. Dr. Jwanwat Ahriyavraromp, founder and CEO of T&B Media Global, lauded the partnership, citing a shared vision to cultivate a harmonious and interconnected digital universe that radiates joy worldwide.

Animoca collaboration

News of this funding infusion comes off the back of LightLink’s announcement last month of a collaboration with Web3 firm Animoca Brands. This collaboration will witness Animoca integrating LightLink’s Ethereum Layer 2 technology into select initiatives, accompanied by advisory support to bolster LightLink’s tokenomics strategies and market outreach.
The synergy between these entities provides great potential for the delivery of a more seamless Web3 experience, eliminating transaction fees and streamlining blockchain integration for users.
LightLink’s Ethereum Layer 2 blockchain offers a host of benefits, enabling gasless transactions and frictionless transfers of assets within a public blockchain environment. Its utilization extends to over 25 affiliates, including notable entities like Grapes and The Red Village, with integration into the Translucia project underway.
Roy Hui, co-founder and CEO of LightLink, expressed optimism about the partnership’s potential to democratize blockchain technology, fostering global connectivity and enabling diverse communities to embrace decentralized solutions. Yat Siu, executive chairman and co-founder of Animoca Brands, echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the alignment between LightLink’s gasless transactions and their mission to decentralize the digital realm.
Pellar Technologies, the development powerhouse behind LightLink, boasts a track record of over 50 blockchain projects across the APAC region since 2017. LightLink itself ranks among the top 10 in transaction volumes among rollups, boasting over 215,000 unique wallet addresses operating on-chain.
Hui reiterated LightLink’s commitment to simplifying blockchain adoption. Using the seed funding announcement as an opportunity to set out the firm’s primary objective, he stated:
”Our aim is to bridge the digital economy with millions of users across the globe. The funding we’ve received enhances our focus on making blockchain as intuitive as traditional web platforms, with an emphasis on gasless transactions.”
The seed funding marks a significant milestone in LightLink’s journey, propelling it towards playing its part in the further roll-out of Web3 innovation.
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