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JAN 11, 2024

LINE NEXT launches digital commerce platform DOSI

by CoinNess Global

LINE NEXT, the NFT business arm of Tokyo-based Internet giant LINE Corporation, has officially launched DOSI, a digital commerce platform that allows the trading of digital products like collectible NFTs, according to an official announcement on Wednesday (KST). During its beta period that started in September last year, DOSI was able to attract some 5.5 million users worldwide in more than 180 countries who conducted over 560,000 cumulative transactions.

Digital products for everyone

The company revealed plans to add more than 20 million digital products from over 150 brands including special app memberships, in-game items that are directly verified by game developers, and digital tickets to entertainment performances. There will also be limited-edition products like LINE stamps, digital art and special video playback rights. 
Products from popular Japanese brands such as Japan Airlines and CryptoNinja Partners – a 22,222-piece NFT collection – will be available on the service during this month as part of a merging with Line NFT, a comprehensive marketplace for NFTs that has been operating in Japan for a while. 
By March, the company will also sell app membership products from more than 20 promising startups, including content community-based social media platform SuperPlat, stock investment platform Quantrack, AI-based music platform inDJ and K-pop fandom community service FL DA.

Exclusive membership

In particular, DOSI also has a special membership called “DOSI Citizen,” which offers points called DON that can be earned by checking app attendance, purchasing products and playing mini-games. DON can be traded for Citizen Items or used to participate in events for a chance to win crypto rewards.
Users can easily sign up and log in using their social media accounts and purchase digital products with simple payment methods such as Line Pay, Naver Pay, Apple Pay and Google Pay. Payments can also be made with the digital assets Finsia (FNSA) and Ethereum (ETH).

Investment boost

Last year, LINE NEXT made headlines for securing the largest investment made in the Asian Web3 industry worth $140 million from a consortium led by Seoul-based private equity firm Crescendo Equity Partners. At the time, the company had divulged that it would use part of the funds to launch DOSI.
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