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MAR 16, 2024

MANTRA sets sights on real-world asset tokenization in Middle East and Asia

by CoinNess Global

MANTRA, a real-world asset (RWA) layer one blockchain built on Cosmos, recently outlined its vision for the on-chain financial ecosystem, outlining that it plans to acquire licensing in the Middle East and Asia as part of its efforts to expand.
In a press release published on Chainwire on March 14, the company outlined that it has applied for licensing in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in an effort to pave the way for MANTRA to target a global clientele who want to harness the potential of RWA asset tokenization.

Issuing and trading tokenized RWAs

At the core of the Hong Kong-headquartered project’s offering lies its layer one blockchain, aptly named MANTRA Chain. The network is designed to streamline the issuance and trading of tokenized RWAs. Having established this technological product base, the company is now on a mission to onboard financial institutions and commercial entities with an interest in asset tokenization.
With teams stationed in Hong Kong and the UAE, MANTRA has honed a full understanding of the shifting regulatory landscapes in pivotal regions. By securing its inaugural financial licenses in the UAE, MANTRA is aiming to take a slice of market share in the swiftly evolving RWA sector across the Middle East and Asia. The overarching goal for 2024 is to tokenize a diverse spectrum of assets, spanning real estate, private market funds, equity, art and treasuries.
In an X social media post, MANTRA Founder and CEO John Patrick Mullin outlined that the company is already engaging with institutions and partners in the private sector. Mullin stated:
“MANTRA is actively collaborating with real-world institutions and partners, including real estate, private market funds, private equity, the art sector, and treasuries, among others, to help bring these traditional asset classes onchain.”
Mullin claims that the current crypto market capitalization of around $2 trillion is just a drop in the ocean by comparison with the potential that exists in the tokenization of RWAs and in unlocking the RWA economy.

Hong Kong licensing

Alongside the Middle East, Asia is the other target market for the company. Mullin suggested that Asian countries are already preparing for this fundamental shift, having developed RWA regulations. Last November, it emerged that Hong Kong was setting out a regulatory roadmap in respect of RWA tokenization. In February 2023 the Chinese autonomous territory achieved a first-of-its-kind tokenized green bond issuance.With that, the company’s home base of Hong Kong will also be central to its efforts to acquire relevant licensing.
In recent weeks, MANTRA claims to have made significant progress in decentralizing its network, garnering validator support on a more broadly distributed basis. The project is expected to launch its final testnet, dubbed “Hongbai,” shortly.
MANTRA is aiming to emerge as the pioneer RWA layer one blockchain with the capability to ensure real-world regulatory compliance. By expediting the adoption of tokenized RWAs, the project suggests that there’s an RWA economy value unlock potential of $16 trillion with its regulatory-ready blockchain being positioned to benefit from that. The network is gearing to offer a compliant framework, so that traditional finance (TradFi) companies can seamlessly transition to and harness asset tokenization and blockchain solutions, propelling global RWA expansion.
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