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APR 2, 2024

Metaverse game project 'Carrieverse' attracts over 100K DAUs

by CoinNess Global

Carrieverse, a South Korean blockchain gaming project based in the Metaverse, launched its global version on March 28. Since then, the game has reportedly seen over 100,000 daily active users (DAU) every day, hitting 150,000 DAUs on its first day of release. The DAU index and related infographics were released by Carrieverse on April 1, according to the local media outlet Kyunghyang Games
A joint venture between Carriesoft and Mantisco, this blockchain-enabled metaverse platform provides users with various content centered around the life of the game's main character, "Carrie," and her friends. At the heart of the project lies the “Play, earn, and own” model. Aside from the content backed by the "Carrie and Friends" intellectual property (IP), the project has expanded its footprint by launching the Cling Wallet, the NFT project "Kola from the Space" and the crypto game "Superkola Tactics."

Users from Southeast Asia and Latin America

According to data provided by Carrieverse, a significant portion of its users come from Southeast Asian and Latin American countries. Notably, in Indonesia and Vietnam, Carrieverse ranked second and third respectively in the newly released game section of their Google Play Store. The game generated the 15th-largest revenues of all games played in the Philippines and the 16th-largest revenues in Thailand.
Carrieverse is reportedly on the top 100 casual games on Google Play Store across 86 countries. 
The game also topped the trending chart on the global blockchain ranking site "PlayToEarn" on the day of its global launch, securing second place as of the following Sunday. 

Building a robust IP-based metaverse platform 

The CEO of Carrieverse, David Yoon, said that Carrieverse strives to lead the Korean blockchain gaming industry and contribute to Korea's reputation as a Web3 powerhouse. Yoon said, "A sound ecosystem is being created due to the increase in on-chain data such as wallet generation and conversion of the governance token $CVTX, as well as the increased incineration of Celeb, which can be exchanged for $CVTX. The value of the game and $CVTX will continue to rise further."
Carrieverse has also announced plans for various large-scale IP collaborations with other companies, intending to become an IP-based metaverse platform with high DAUs. 
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