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FEB 16, 2024

Mocaverse strikes up strategic alliance with Halo, KuCoin and OKX

by CoinNess Global

Mocaverse, a membership-based NFT collection initiative enabled by Hong Kong’s Animoca Brands, revealed on Friday the establishment of strategic alliances with prominent Web3 wallets OKX Wallet, DeFi Wallet and Halo Wallet. In a separate announcement, it also revealed a similar partnership with crypto exchange platform KuCoin.

Extending Moca IDs to OKX, and Halo users

In a statement released by Animoca Brands, it was highlighted that through the deployment of its recently introduced decentralized identity (DID) Moca ID, Mocaverse is set to catalyze user expansion by integrating with the aforementioned leading self-custodial wallets.
The statement clarified that Moca ID will act as the conduit for users to seamlessly navigate various Web3 cultural experiences, spanning PointFi, GameFi and SocialFi, thereby simplifying the onboarding process into the Mocaverse ecosystem.
The collaboration will mean that users of OKX Wallet, DeFi Wallet and Halo Wallet will soon have the opportunity to claim their unique Moca IDs within the app, thereby gaining entry into the Mocaverse ecosystem and unlocking access to a myriad of rewarding cultural and entertainment experiences.

Realm Points incentive

Holders of Moca ID stand to accrue Realm Points through active participation and engagement within partner ecosystems and experiences, with the ability to redeem these points for exclusive real-life benefits and rewards provided by Mocaverse and Animoca Brands. Commenting on the development, Kenneth Shek, project lead at Mocaverse, stated:
“This partnership encompasses the values and mission we set out when we envisioned Moca ID, which is to make interoperability a new standard to onboard new users and redefine the Web3 network effect through the Mocaverse Partner Network.”
Mocaverse seeks to unify Animoca’s portfolio projects, subsidiaries, joint ventures and partners through a distinctive NFT collection. With 8,888 Mocas as NFT profile pictures (PFPs), Mocaverse serves as a membership pass for Animoca Brands team members, investors, partners and select token holders, aspiring to foster community cohesion and collaboration within the Web3 sphere.
Jason Lau, chief innovation officer of OKX, expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration, noting OKX Wallet’s role as a premier gateway to explore the burgeoning realm of Web3 gaming, culture and entertainment experiences.
Likewise, Eric Anziani, president and chief operating officer of, underscored the commitment of DeFi Wallet to democratizing access to the realms of DeFi and Web3 for all users, stating the partnership with Mocaverse would extend these experiences to a broader audience.

Additional announcement

In a separate announcement, Mocaverse unveiled a similar partnership with cryptocurrency exchange KuCoin alongside Halo Wallet. The initiative endeavors to address the challenge of accessing benefits across distinct Web3 sub-ecosystems by establishing cross-platform identity links, ultimately enhancing the user experience and fostering greater collaboration and integration across partner offerings.
Halo Wallet CEO Jeff Hou shared his thoughts on the collaboration, stating:
“The partnership among Halo, KuCoin, and Mocaverse is more than just a fusion of services; it represents a strategic alliance to create a cohesive digital asset environment for our users. The initiation of this exceptional cross-platform alliance is a move that promises to bring together the best of what each party has to offer.”
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