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MAR 13, 2024

Night Crows now available for global users

by CoinNess Global

The global version of Night Crows, a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) developed by South Korean game company Wemade, officially launched yesterday, as announced in the company’s press release
Night Crows Global is currently available across 170 countries, except for South Korea and China. Players can experience the game on mobile and PC in nine languages including English, Japanese and Thai. 
Powered by Unreal Engine 5, Night Crows Global maximizes visual performance by delivering highly realistic lighting and shadow effects. The game is set in 13th-century Europe and merges history and fantasy, offering an intriguing in-game universe. Players can enjoy intense battles backed by cutting-edge graphics. They can choose their weapons from four class types –  one-handed sword, staff, two-handed sword and bow – and explore various content including a Unified Exchange. 

Tokenomics and character NFTs powered by blockchain technology 

Night Crows Global implements multi-tokenomics to tokenize a total of seven types of in-game items and adopts character NFTs, which compresses game character data into easily identifiable attributes. 
These character NFTs can be exchanged for the game’s main token, CROW, within the WEMIX PLAY blockchain gaming platform, connecting the in-game and real-world economies. In addition, the omnichain network strategy enhances user accessibility, enabling users of other blockchain networks connected to Wemade’s WEMIX3.0 ecosystem to play the game with ease. 
Meanwhile, Night Crows has already demonstrated its popularity before the global launch. Since its initial launch in April last year in Korea, the game topped mobile game sales on Google Play and App Store, the two most prominent mobile app markets in the country.

Upcoming in-game events 

In celebration of the global launch, Night Crows Global holds various in-game events for up to four weeks. The month-long celebration comprises a check-in event “Festival 1: Answer to the Call,” a mission event “Festival 2: Birth of a New Member” and a ranking event “Festival 3: News from the Night Crow Perch.” By completing these events, players will be rewarded with various items such as “Dawn’s Lustrous Weapon Style Summon.” 
Wemade CEO Henry Chang expressed his excitement about the global launch, saying that Night Crows Global will be able to capture global audiences’ attention by offering new omnichain experiences and high-quality multi-tokenomics. He added that Night Crows Global’s success will revitalize not only WEMIX PLAY but also spur the overall growth of the WEMIX mainnet ecosystem. 
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