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JAN 31, 2024

OKX adds token support for atomicals, runes, doginals and stamps

by CoinNess Global

Leading crypto exchange platform OKX has recently unveiled its plans to enhance its marketplace by incorporating Atomicals (ARC-20), Runes, Stamps (SRC-20) and Dogecoin’s Doginals (DRC-20) into its Web3 wallet.

‘First-to-market’ initiative

Taking to social media on Monday, the firm provided further details regarding the additions, outlining that it is part of a “first-to-market” initiative, solidifying OKX’s commitment to the expanding realm of Bitcoin NFTs. The integration of these token standards is aimed at positioning OKX as a leading one-stop NFT ecosystem within Web3.
Starting with the integration of Stamps on Feb. 5, OKX Wallet users will gain the ability to view and transfer Bitcoin token standards. Subsequently, in late February, OKX Wallet will extend its support to Atomicals, Doginals and Runes, enabling millions of users to engage in buying and selling these NFTs without incurring any trading fees.
OKX Marketplace will also follow suit, integrating DRC-20, ARC-20 and Runes standards in late February, thus broadening the scope for users to participate in zero-fee trading.

Driving mainstream adoption of Web3

Jason Lau, chief innovation officer at OKX, underscored the platform’s dedication to driving mainstream adoption of Web3 technologies, making the exploration and realization of NFT potential more accessible for users.
Despite concerns about potential blockchain congestion due to NFTs, Lau characterized these challenges as “growing pains,” expressing confidence that they will be addressed over time. Lau told CoinDesk that “these things will last forever, as long as the chain lasts.”
Emphasizing the surge in activity and user growth since the launch of their product, Lau positioned OKX as an evolving platform at the forefront of developing tools for users to access all of Web3. OKX Wallet’s inscriptions tool presently supports minting on 23 networks, including Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Polygon, BNB Chain, Avalanche-C and Arbitrum One, among others.

Boosting OKX Marketplace

The move aims to establish OKX Marketplace as the largest NFT marketplace in the industry, boasting zero-fee trading across an expanding range of token standards. The platform’s advanced NFT offering includes features such as hex error checking, liquidity across multiple standards, bulk minting capabilities and automatic error detection.
Despite OKX’s open embrace of Ordinals and other Bitcoin protocols, some members of the Bitcoin ecosystem express discontent, labeling Ordinals as digital spam. Jason Lau vehemently disagrees, asserting that in open and permissionless networks like Bitcoin, “there is no such thing as spam.” He contends that as long as fees are paid and transactions adhere to consensus rules, they are valid. Lau emphasizes OKX’s historical support for the Bitcoin ecosystem, including upgrades like SegWit, Taproot and Lightning.
As debates surrounding the role of Ordinals and NFTs within the Bitcoin ecosystem persist, OKX’s proactive stance signals a belief in the potential of Bitcoin-based NFTs to introduce innovative use cases and design possibilities. The disruptions experienced by various blockchains in December, attributed to increased transaction activity related to inscriptions, underscore the growing impact of these developments within the Bitcoin ecosystem and the broader crypto landscape.
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