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JAN 11, 2024

OKX Ventures invests in Web3 infrastructure startup

by CoinNess Global

OKX Ventures, the investment wing of the Seychelles-based cryptocurrency exchange OKX, has disclosed a strategic A-round investment in Polyhedra Network.
Details of the investment have been outlined through a press release published via PRNewswire on Tuesday. Specializing in the creation of Web3 infrastructure, Polyhedra Network places a premium on interoperability, scalability and privacy, leveraging advanced zero-knowledge (ZK) proof technology.

Interoperability with privacy

A ZK proof provides the ability for one party to cryptographically prove to another party that it possesses a certain piece of information without having to reveal the actual underlying information to the other party. Central to Polyhedra Network's product offering is its zkBridge protocol, a system facilitating trustless and efficient cross-chain infrastructure for both layer-1 and layer-2 interoperability.
The protocol empowers the receiving chain to verify specific state transitions on the sending chain. This approach ensures robust security without external assumptions, effectively reducing the costs associated with on-chain verification. Polyhedra Network made an initial impact in 2023 with the launch of the "zkBridge Mainnet Alpha."
That product enabled interoperability over 20 layer-1 and layer-2 blockchains, including well-known networks such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB Chain and Arbitrum.

Distributed proof system

The innovative strides of Polyhedra Network, which was founded in the United States by James Zhang, Tiancheng Xie and Nikhil Shah, continued in 2023 with the introduction of deVirgo, a novel distributed proof system expediting proof generation. The deVirgo protocol also incorporates recursive proofs which trim on-chain proof verification costs associated with zkBridge.
Last month, Polyhedra Network unveiled its Bitcoin messaging protocol with zkBridge, ushering trustless interoperability into the Bitcoin ecosystem through the use of ZK-proof technology.

Asian backing

By championing entrepreneurs contributing to the blockchain industry's advancement, OKX Ventures is helping to build innovative companies, bringing global resources and historical experience to the forefront of blockchain projects.
It is one of many Asia-centric venture firms to do so. Polyhedra has secured backing from Hong Kong’s Animoca Brands and HashKey Group, Singapore’s UOB Venture Management, NGC Ventures, Signum Capital and Foresight Ventures, alongside KuCoin Ventures.
In an initial funding round in February 2023, the UC Berkeley team attracted $10 million in funding. By April, a pre-Series A round had raised a further $15 million.
Dora Yue, the founder of OKX Ventures, expressed their honor in participating in the investment in Polyhedra Network's interoperability infrastructure. Yue lauded the creativity demonstrated by Polyhedra Network's team in developing advanced ZK-proof mechanisms, emphasizing the balance achieved between ZK interoperability and scalability.
OKX Ventures, with an initial capital commitment of $100 million, is committed to supporting Polyhedra Network's vision of seamlessly connecting the Web2 and Web3 worlds, aiming to attract a more extensive user base to the industry.
As the investment arm of the global crypto exchange platform, it dedicates itself to exploring top-tier blockchain projects on a global scale. Its focus is on fostering cutting-edge blockchain technology innovation, aspiring to support the healthy development of the global blockchain space and investing in long-term structural value.
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