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FEB 28, 2024

OVERDARE partners with USDC issuer Circle

by CoinNess Global

Korean game company Krafton’s metaverse studio OVERDARE announced yesterday via its official blog that it forged a partnership with Circle, a U.S.-based fintech firm that issues stablecoin USDC. Founded in December 2023, OVERDARE is a joint venture between Krafton and Naver Z, a subsidiary of online platform operator NAVER Corporation. 
In collaboration with Circle, OVERDARE plans to jointly develop its own USDC payment and settlement system in addition to the Web3 wallet. These services are set to be adopted by its upcoming user-generated content (UGC) platform “OVERDARE,” which bears the same name as the company. 

A metaverse platform for game creation

The soon-to-be-launched OVERDARE is a metaverse platform where users can create various types of games ranging from action role-playing games (RPG) to sports and shooting games. What enables users to create games with ease on this platform is “OVERDARE Studio,” a sandbox tool equipped with generative AI and Unreal Engine 5.  
OVERDARE adopts the Create-to-Earn (C2E) system, which returns a portion of the sales profit to creators. The creators’ works in the form of NFTs and their transaction details are recorded onchain, strengthening the transparency of transactions and payments.
OVERDARE’s self-developed Layer-1 blockchain mainnet “Settlus” will also do its part in the service operation, which would license the intellectual property (IP) of creators’ works on Web2 platforms. 

Stablecoin to empower creator economy

“Circle is excited to be at the forefront of this pioneering venture with OVERDARE to empower the creator economy through the provision of secure Web3 wallets and near-instant USDC payouts on a global scale. We believe this partnership will be a catalyst in shaping the future of digital entertainment, ultimately fostering an innovative Web3 environment for all,” said Jeremy Allaire, CEO and co-founder of Circle.
Henry Park, CEO of OVERDARE, stated, “We’re excited to unveil our partnership with Circle, a company distinguished by its regulatory compliance and trustworthiness. Their robust support ensures that we are able to support the creator economy, and guarantee creators reliable access to their earnings.”
OVERDARE is scheduled to launch a large-scale user test in the first half of this year and officially launch the service in the second half.
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