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DEC 20, 2023

Samjong KPMG and Xangle to explore on-chain data for crypto accounting

by CoinNess Global

Samjong KPMG, the South Korean branch of accounting giant KPMG, is set to collaborate with digital asset data research platform Xangle to conduct a joint study focused on discovering different ways to apply on-chain data in the realm of cryptocurrency accounting. That’s according to a report by local news outlet The Korea Economic Daily.
On-chain data encompasses all transaction records found on a blockchain. This type of data enables real-time verification of transactions, benefiting from the blockchain’s transparency and decentralized framework. Despite these advantages, the complexity of accessing and interpreting on-chain data is often seen as a barrier to entry, requiring specialized knowledge.

Crypto accounting and tax filing

The partnership between the two entities is poised to tackle challenges in the crypto sector faced by enterprises. Samjong KPMG will use this collaboration to improve their cryptocurrency consulting services, offering solutions in areas like virtual asset issuance, asset management and disclosure, internal controls and the accounting and tax filing complexities associated with cryptocurrencies.

ERP solutions for virtual assets

Meanwhile, Xangle will have the opportunity to gain insights into the practical needs and concerns of businesses in relation to on-chain data as the company is currently developing enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions for virtual assets. The joint effort will enhance Xangle’s ability to align technical data with real-world business applications.
Park Sung-bae, a Partner at Samjong KPMG, commented on this development, stating that the accounting firm plans to utilize the outcomes of their joint study with Xangle to address the uncertainties surrounding virtual asset disclosure requirements. This initiative is aimed at improving accounting transparency within South Korea’s cryptocurrency market.
Lee Hyun-woo, Co-CEO of Xangle, highlighted that the company has concentrated on establishing the necessary infrastructure for processing on-chain data and conducting research to deepen their understanding of it. He added that their latest collaboration with Samjong KPMG will enhance Xangle’s expertise in the areas of cryptocurrency taxes and accounting. Lee underlined the platform’s commitment to streamlining the accounting processes related to virtual assets, viewing it as an initial step towards facilitating broader Web3 adoption.
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