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JAN 24, 2024

Seoul Labs’ Web3 launchpad SLUSH attracts investors

by CoinNess Global

South Korean blockchain solutions provider Seoul Labs has released SLUSH, an innovative launchpad built on its SASEUL blockchain designed to streamline and enhance the Web3 experience, according to a post on CoinMarketCap on Tuesday (KST).

Promoting sustainable ecosystem growth

Seoul Labs explained that SLUSH is a solution to the setbacks of existing Web3 services and the difficulties that come with providing a comprehensive experience. As a hub within the SASEUL ecosystem, the launchpad allows users to access and manage a variety of services on a single platform.
It will also serve as a medium for finding and supporting groundbreaking Web3 projects, offering safe and attractive investment opportunities in response to the current challenges posed by limited investment options and instabilities in digital asset trading. With a focus on long-term growth, SLUSH is designed to present users with tangible projects within the SASEUL ecosystem.

Token sale success

SLUSH is already off to a strong start, selling out one million SL tokens – Seoul Labs’ native token – in just 3 hours during its first pre-sale round on Jan. 16 and demonstrating investors’ interest in the service. The next round opened yesterday at an exchange rate of 1 SL to 0.1 USDT. Although the results have not been disclosed yet, if the second round also yields one million sold tokens, Seoul Labs will initiate a third. These pre-sales are expected to pave the way for onboarding various Web3 products and services onto the launchpad.
The Seoul Labs team emphasized its commitment to funding blockchain projects, particularly dApps and Web3 projects, on SASEUL, thereby expediting their entry into the market. As the ecosystem’s growth accelerates, the team also plans to implement features like token swaps, NFTs and more.
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